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This page is about the Poseidon Energy company. For the location in Fallout 4, see Poseidon Energy (location).

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Begin your Odyssey with us.

Poseidon Energy was a pre-War energy conglomerate that operated a number of oil rigs, factories, refineries, gas stations, and power plants and with further operations in military defense contracts. It was not a single, monolithic company, but was rather a cartel of various Poseidon-owned corporations controlling various aspects of the global energy market; the PoseidoNet data transfer system provided instantaneous communication between various Poseidon facilities including the Poseidon Oil Reactor № 5, the Enclave Oil Rig, and other locations throughout the United States.


Poseidon Energy was an umbrella corporation with its fingers in virtually all known forms of renewable and non-renewable power sources on both the east and west coasts of America,[1] as well as research and development of new, more powerful weapons through their subsidiaries, so long as they remained profitable. One of its most notable features was the unified PoseidoNet, a national transfer system that provided instantaneous communication between various Poseidon facilities including Gecko's nuclear power plant, Enclave Oil Rig, Navarro, HELIOS One, the power plants of Appalachia, and other locations throughout the United States.

Energy mogul

Poseidon Energy dipped its arms into every energy source imaginable that, with help, could be weaponized or developed further. Poseidon Gasoline served as the face of gasoline, providing automobiles that still used the substance with it in Northern California.[2] Poseidon Oil focused on the mining and refining of what little reserves of oil still remained in the world.[3] Poseidon Energy, while also focusing on gasoline and oil production, involved itself with a number of alternative energy sources as well, from solar energy to newly discovered forms of energy. They also had a branch in Mexico. The conglomerate was also not above buying out companies that delved into energy production, especially those founded by former employees of Poseidon.

In its drive to control the energy market, Poseidon cooperated with other companies, such as Atomic Mining Services, and was openly hostile to organized labor. When Poseidon workers organized a walkout at Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06, supported by the Associated Miner's Union, the corporation supported its on-site security director, Brent Olson, in his plan to humiliate the strikers and the union. Poseidon called in the National Guard, which proceeded to gas the protesters using HalluciGen, Inc.'s riot control gas. What the corporation hoped would be a violent riot that could be leveraged to further damage organized labor turned into bedlam, as the gas turned peaceful protesters into a rampaging horde that overran the perimeter, exposed soldiers to the gas, and eventually seized control of the plant. The Great War ended any further manipulations of the sort.[4]

Defense contractor

Though much of the pre-War United States knew of Poseidon, few were aware that several Poseidon-owned companies were given lucrative defense contracts by the U.S. government – or rather, by Enclave members working as lobbyists to gain those contracts. However, most of Poseidon's most promising research projects never reached their final stages.[5][6]

After the Great War, Poseidon no longer existed as a real force in the post-atomic world. However, technology scavengers like the Brotherhood of Steel and the Enclave still tried in vain to decipher Poseidon's plans and either confiscate this technology or turn them into working models, respectively.[7]

Corporate relations

One of the many derelict gas stations operated directly by Poseidon

The corporation operated a number of subsidiaries, which focused on different aspects of the global energy market:

  • Petró-Chico was "Un amigo de Poseidon Energy," a Mexico-based oil refinement and distribution company.
  • Poseidon Oil focused on petroleum extraction and processing, although it also invested in other energy resources, including nuclear power.
  • Poseidon Gasoline was Poseidon's division focusing on distributing gasoline and operating gas stations.





Poseidon Energy appears in Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 4, Fallout 76, and Fallout Shelter.

Behind the scenes

  • Poseidon was the Greek god of the sea as well as horses and earthquakes. His weapon and symbol is the trident. Poseidon's projects often used codenames drawn from Greek mythology.
  • The company's slogan, "Begin your Odyssey with us," is a reference to Homer's epic poem, the Odyssey. The tale follows Odysseus' journey home from Troy after being cursed by the god Poseidon.
  • Poseidon Energy as a parent company was planned to be introduced in Van Buren, Black Isle's canceled Fallout 3. In Fallout and Fallout 2, the company only appeared as Poseidon Gasoline and Poseidon Oil respectively, though it was similarly interested in all forms of energy. The idea of Poseidon Energy as a sinister megacorporation, comparable to Ghost in the Shell's Poseidon Industrial, persisted through Van Buren's cancellation in 2003. Joshua Sawyer introduced it as one of notable pre-War organizations in his Fallout RPG project in 2004, alongside a logo. It appeared in Fallout: New Vegas in 2010, a game developed under Sawyer's leadership, along with a modified version of the 2004 logo, with close ties to the Enclave and the pre-War government - including the development of orbital-based superweapons.
  • Van Buren would have also introduced other elements of Poseidon Energy:




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