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My talents are best put to use helping a new Overboss get all this shit under control. You get me?— Porter Gage to the Sole Survivor

Porter Gage is a raider and possible companion of the Sole Survivor in 2287.


Porter Gage grew up in a small farming settlement with his parents, watching them give in to raider demands without a fight. At the age of 12, he ran away from home during a raid to avoid following in his parents' footsteps.[1]

The next few years, Gage survived by taking odd jobs, doing what he could to earn caps. Later, he turned to caravan and mercenary work and continued to observe individuals giving in to raiders. At age 16, after the raid of a settlement he had been residing and working in, Gage decided that he would no longer fear or flee from raiders and instead decided to become one. With this thought, Gage left the mercenary life behind.[2]

The first gang Gage joined was a decent size and had a lot of strength, but wasn't using it wisely. Being young and naïve, he attempted to suggest different ways the gang could be improved and streamlined. Eventually, he was approached by his the gang's leader, Connor "The Harvester," a name Gage thought was laughable. Much to Gage's surprise, Connor listened to and executed Gage's idea. After this unspecified incident, Connor would regularly return to Gage for advice and opinions on his plans, telling him how much he trusted him, which rapidly inflated Gage's ego.[3]

After approximately a year of working alongside Connor and his gang, Gage suggested that they could try to make peace with another nearby gang. Connor seemed agreeable to the idea, so Gage volunteered to be the negotiator of the situation, meeting the opposing gang on neutral ground with three of their biggest crewmates backing him up.[4]

An hour into the negotiation, the rivals began to come around, saying the truce was in their best interest. However, seemingly out of nowhere, there was gunfire and explosions. Gage began to panic, thinking that Connor would have to come and bail them out, but he soon realized that Connor had set him up for death. Connor, in Gage's mind, must have begun to fear him, thinking that he would usurp Connor's role. Connor had used Gage as a distraction so he and his men could ambush both Gage and the rival gang. Gage survived the encounter and escaped on his own.[5]

Gage debated going back to his former boss and his gang with guns blazing to get revenge, but he knew that that would lead to certain death.[6] Instead, he moved on, vowing he would never be so stupid, or so trusting, again. Gage has said that he has been in many gangs and has witnessed each one destroy itself from stupidity, laziness and chem addiction, stating that he always bolted before their end occurred.[7]

At some point, Gage's raider career eventually led him to the outskirts of the Commonwealth, where he became involved with a veteran raider named Colter. On Gage's advice, Colter gathered and led three gangs (the Operators, the Disciples and the Pack) to storm Nuka-World, enslaving, killing and driving out the settlers who had taken residence there, an event known as "Fall of Nuka-Town USA".[8]

Afterward, Gage continued to serve as an advisor and right-hand man to Colter, who had been dubbed Nuka-World's "Overboss." However, Gage and the gangs soon became dissatisfied with their leader's complacency and incompetence and began plotting to replace him. Their chance came when the Sole Survivor made their way through the Gauntlet.[9]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character is essential. Essential characters cannot be killed.
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This character is a permanent companion. They grant the Lessons in Blood perk.
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This character is a temporary companion.
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This character starts quests.
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This character is involved in quests.
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This character is a merchant. Sells: miscellaneous items
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This character is romanceable.

Requires romance

Effect of player's actions

Range of interests

Approvals Disapprovals
  • Telling Elder Maxson "I don't care" when first meeting him.
  • Refusing to join the Brotherhood of Steel when asked by Paladin Danse.
  • Agreeing to execute Danse “with pleasure” at the beginning of Blind Betrayal
  • Selling the Peabody family into slavery during Kid in a Fridge.
  • Turning down Gabriel’s bribe during Synth Retention by saying “Hell no. I think I’ll just take what I want.”
  • Completing Power Play after restoring power to Nuka-World. Nuka-World (add-on)
  • Telling Shank “Let’s get started” during Home Sweet Home. Nuka-World (add-on)
  • Killing Hubologists inside the spinning "UFO" during Trip to the Stars. Nuka-World (add-on)
  • Completing each of the different radiant quests given by the raider faction leaders for the first time in Nuka-World. Nuka-World (add-on)
  • Enslaving and killing raiders when doing missions for the raider leaders. Nuka-World (add-on)
  • Convincing nearby settlements by force to supply your raider outposts. Nuka-World (add-on)
  • Using chems.
  • Drinking alcohol.
  • Choosing more friendly dialogue choices.
  • Convincing Bobbi No-Nose to leave Hancock’s stronghold.
  • Speaking as the Silver Shroud during dialogue.
  • Joining the Minutemen.
  • Returning the pristine deathclaw egg to its nest instead of selling it in The Devil's Due.
  • Assisting X6-88 in retrieving the synth during Synth Retention.
  • Reasoning with Oswald the Outrageous. Nuka-World (add-on)


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Gage's armor
Gage's eyepatch
Handmade rifle


  • Killing him as soon as possible fails the quest An Ambitious Plan and begins the quest Open Season, even without Preston Garvey or having met Mackenzie Bridgeman.
  • Gage is the only Fallout 4 companion who will sell to the Sole Survivor; however, this is limited as he will only sell in Nuka-Town.
  • Gage will not enter the bridge of the Prydwen during Elder Maxson's speech. This refusal is also shared with Strong.
  • If Gage is carrying any items for the Sole Survivor when they choose to look at the wares he has for sale, he will offer them up for sale in addition to his normal inventory, making it possible to buy them by accident.
  • Attacking any of the Nuka-World raiders and turning them against the player character will also cause Gage to be removed as a companion and become hostile.
  • If one kills Overboss Colter without using the Thirst Zapper he will still talk to them as if they did.
  • One of his lines of dialogue refers to mirelurks as "mudcrabs,"[10] a creature from Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls series.[11]
  • Despite having an eyepatch, if one gives him eyewear then removes it, there is nothing wrong with his eye.
    • There is no way of putting the eyepatch back in place after giving him another piece of eyewear.
    • If one engages in dialogue with him at certain angles, they can see his eye under the eyepatch.
  • Unlike other companions, if one selects "Best Friends" or "Thank you" during his max affinity speech check, Gage will not offer another opportunity to select "Romance" at a later date.
  • When Gage is dismissed, he can only be sent to raider outposts secured for one of the raider gangs. If no raider outpost exists, he will automatically return to Nuka-Town.

Notable quotes

  • "The name's Gage. Porter Gage. And the truth is you've been set up. This ain't no rescue mission, it's a death trap. But if you somehow make it through alive, I have an interesting offer for you."
  • "Look: you made it this far, you obviously got skill. But this fight coming up is rigged. You get me?"
  • "You'd be surprised. The bleeding hearts can't say no, and the greedy assholes out there can't resist the temptation of getting rich."
  • "My talents are best put to use helping a new Overboss get all this shit under control. You get me?"
  • "Piss me off, and I'll still kick your ass from here to the Atlantic."
  • "Nuka-World, all lit up... it's god damn beautiful."
  • "You keep producing at our settlements and the gangs will keep adding to your stash. Good enough?"


Porter Gage appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One If one enters combat during Gage's final affinity conversation, the perk Lessons in Blood will not be unlocked and it will be impossible to re-initiate the conversation without reloading a previous save.[verified]
    • PCPC With affinity over 1000, it can be fixed using the console command setstage DLC04COMGage 220 with Gage selected.
    • PCPC A workaround on PC if playing Survival difficulty (where no console commands or unlimited saving are allowed) is to gain affinity with Gage by upgrading a cheap weapon at a weapons workbench, sleeping for 48 hours, upgrading the weapon again, etc, until max affinity is reached. While tedious, this allows Lessons in Blood to be learned without the possibility of combat triggering the glitch. Three saves are available in Survival; each 24 hour period spent resting uses a save, resulting in two save slots being needed for a "cycle" of using the weapons workbench to gain affinity. Due to a glitch, improving the weapon may not result in an affinity boost. In this case, reload the third and oldest save (where affinity gain was successful,) save once to overwrite the bugged saves, and continue until the final affinity dialogue triggers and Lessons in Blood is gained. While using this workaround, it may also become necessary to dismiss Gage and immediately tell him to travel with the Sole Survivor again to get the last affinity dialogue to trigger.
    • Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One It can also be fixed by doing things he dislikes, such as drinking vodka until gaining an addiction, then continue drinking, waiting two hours, and drinking again, over and over. He will eventually deliver an affinity dialogue, rather than a breakup dialogue.
    • PCPC This can also occur on previous conversations with Gage, using the command setav CA_WantsToTalk 1 with Gage selected will trigger the talk request again.[verified]
  • Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One When entering Nuka-Galaxy, Gage might fall off a platform resulting in him being downed. No stimpak option is available, and normal dialogue is all he offers.[verified]
  • PCPC Having Porter Gage as a companion when attempting to turn in three Nuka-World radiant quests may cause the player to be unable to complete the quests by speaking to the raider bosses until Porter Gage is dismissed.[verified]
  • PCPC If one romances Porter Gage and then kills him, sleeping in a bed near his body will still grant the Lover's Embrace perk.[verified]
  • PCPC After Open Season, Gage may keep respawning his armor even if the player has unequipped it.[verified]
  • PCPC If one equips eyewear to Gage and then removes it, the eyewear will disappear and cannot be retrieved.[verified]
  • PCPC If the Sole Survivor has completed An Ambitious Plan then becomes an enemy to the Nuka-World raiders, Gage will not become hostile and will stand idle in the Fizztop Grille, unable to talk to the Sole Survivor.[verified]



  1. Porter Gage: "Dunno about you, but I had this shit figured out early. Grew up in your average crap-hole settlement, with parents that meant well, but... They were pushovers. Watched them get smacked around by Raider gangs for years, handing over whatever they had to keep their lives. One day, I'm watching them cower in front of some punk with a gun, and it just hits me. "I ain't gonna end up like this," I says to myself. So I bail. I'm what, 12 years old? Didn't matter. I'd seen enough of the world to know how shit works."
    The Sole Survivor: "That was really brave of you, Gage."
    Porter Gage: "The hell it was. Survival, that's all. I knew if I stuck around, I'd wind up like them."
    (Porter Gage's dialogue)
  2. Porter Gage: "I bounced around for a few years, taking whatever jobs I could to pay for food, one way or another. I was a runner for a caravan for a while, did some scavenging, did odd jobs for settlements... No matter what, one thing never changed. When the Raiders came through, everyone rolled over. Raiders took what they wanted, moved on, and that was that. Didn't take long before I finally figured out where I'd really been heading all along. Next time a gang came through, I joined. Worked my way up over the years, and now here we are."
    (Porter Gage's dialogue)
  3. Porter Gage: "You know, I made some bad calls when I was younger. I ain't saying I regret the choices I made, just that early on, I was a little starry-eyed. First gang took me in when I was 16. Decent sized group, fair amount of muscle. Only they weren't using it as best they could. Me being new - and young - I didn't know enough to keep my mouth shut. Started making "suggestions" about how to improve things.
    The Sole Survivor: "Sounds like you were a real team player."
    Porter Gage: "Yeah, that was the general idea. Eventually, the boss approaches me. Connor, his name was. I don't remember what stupid ass name he used back then... "The Harvester" or something. It was never as intimidating as he thought it was. Laughable, almost. Anyway, at first I think he's pissed, like I'm undermining his authority. But he actually listens to me... He takes my advice."
    The Sole Survivor: "Sounds like he was a smart guy."
    Porter Gage: "Smarter than most, that's for sure. So here I am, this teenage punk who's got the ear of what seems like the most powerful guy around. I'm on top of the damn world. Connor's always coming to me, asking what I think of his plans, telling me how much he trusts me. Can't lie - it all went to my head."
    (Porter Gage's dialogue)
  4. Porter Gage: "After something like a year of working closely together goes by, we come up with this plan to make peace with a rival gang. We work the whole thing out in secret. Where we meet on neutral ground, who does the negotiating, what happens if shit goes south. I was more than happy to take point on negotiating, with three of our biggest guys to back me up in case no one took me seriously."
    (Porter Gage's dialogue)
  5. Porter Gage: "About an hour in, they're just starting to come around and realize the deal is in their best interest. And then I hear it. Gunfire and explosions. Lots of both. At first I'm thinkingIn-game spelling "Oh shit, something went wrong, Connor's gonna have to bail us out." But the more time that goes by, the more I start to realize what's happening. The fucker set me up, and I fell for it. See, he figured he's pumped me for all the information I was good for. Having me around for much longer, I'd be a threat to his position. So he used us as a diversion, something to keep the other gang's attention while he and his men ambushed them. He gets their stuff, and I just happen to die in the crossfire. Perfect day for him."
    The Sole Survivor: "Okay, but clearly you made it out."
    Porter Gage: "Yeah, I did. I find myself on the other side of this whole thing, messed up but alive. I can't go back; the one guy I thought I could trust tried to get me killed."
    (Porter Gage's dialogue)
  6. Porter Gage: "Thought about going in shooting, but that was just anger, revenge talking. And I knew where that would end up. So I moved on. Promised myself I was never gonna be that stupid again, was never gonna trust anyone to do anything but look out for themselves."
    (Porter Gage's dialogue)
  7. Porter Gage: "You ask me, this whole damn world is here just to tear you down. Deck's stacked against you from the very beginning. Most folks are too stupid to realize it. They just sort of stumble through, managing to scrape together some shitty little life for themselves. They struggle every day, until something catches them off guard, and then that's it. Lights out."
    The Sole Survivor: "It's the best most people can do, Gage."
    Porter Gage: "Man, that's bullshit. Some are just too stupid to see the world for what it is. Some just don't have the guts to stand up to it. But then some folks are too aware of it, you know? They see the world for how fucked up it is. And so they decide they gotta have it all, right now. All the booze, all the chems, all the caps, and they don't care how they get it. In fact, if they can take it from others, they feel like they're getting the upper hand. Only, they ain't. Fucking raiders... They get so greedy, so focused on 'right now' they make shitty mistakes, and wind up dead. Hell, maybe some of them are trying to get killed."
    (Porter Gage's dialogue)
  8. Porter Gage: "Look, Colter was a piece of shit. I've been real clear about that with you. But that... Really that was all on me. I'm the one who talked him into being Overboss in the first place."
    The Sole Survivor: "Everybody makes mistakes, Gage. Sounds like he was yours."
    Porter Gage: "Yeah, guess so. Right then, I thought Colter was what this operation needed. Big, strong, didn't take shit from nobody. The gangs would fear and respect him, and he'd listen to me. I'd use all my years of experience to help him run things. But he was stubborn, let shit go to his head. Ain't the first time I've seen it, honestly. But it was one of the worst."
    (Porter Gage's dialogue)
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