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Fallout: New Vegas

The tale of The Courier starts here.

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Lonesome Road

Is this the last road you'll ever walk?

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Dead Money

Welcome to the Sierra Madre. Let go, and enjoy your stay.

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Honest Hearts

Will you lead the tribes of Zion to victory, or their flight from it?

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Fallout Wiki: Fallout: New Vegas portal
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Welcome to Nukapedia's portal dedicated to Fallout: New Vegas!

Fallout: New Vegas is a video role-playing game developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Bethesda Softworks. While New Vegas is not a direct sequel, it is in the same style as Fallout 3, and has been developed by some of the developers of Fallout and Fallout 2. It is set in and around New Vegas, the Fallout-equivalent of Las Vegas.


Fallout: New Vegas






Robots and computers

Locations (map)

World objects


Radio stations




Weapon mods



Achievements and trophies

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10mm pistol with laser sight, extended mag and silencer.png
Weapon mods allow you to customize most basic weapons and thus create weapons more suited for specific purposes.

Weapon mods by themselves serve no function, but once attached to their specified weapon will change the characteristics, look and/or function to create a distinct variant. The mods range from scopes and silencers to extended mags and several in-between. While you are not limited to the amount of mods you can apply to a single weapon, you are limited to one of each type per single weapon.

Once a weapon mod is attached to a weapon it can not be removed and remains a permanent feature of that weapon. While some mods (like an extended magazine) are almost always beneficial, others (like a scope) have both pros and cons.
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Agent c Agent c 11 July 2013

Nukapedia News Blast - Steam Summer sales

Welcome to a Nukapedia News Blast - Keeping you up to date on the important stuff until the news digest on the weekend.

If you're not already buying stuff off steam, you should be starting now.

  • Skyrim

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Ramallah Ramallah 22 July 2012

Nuka Break - Turning Fan Fiction Into Reality

Nationally unacclaimed freelance writer Jonathan Deesing has written an article about Nuka Break, the Fallout fanfiction series that all the kids seem to be crazy about. Anyway here's the articles.


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Ramallah Ramallah 16 July 2012

Fallout 3 Spoof Drink Cold and Refreshing Nuka shirt now available

Long time no see Nukapedia, for those of you who are new, have forgotten, or just don't give a damn I am Ramallah, the freak daddy master of super fly funk and ninja killing (sorry just watched Black…

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Ramallah Ramallah 14 April 2012

Continuing The Story: Fallout New Vegas DLC

Wow, been a while since I did this. Anyway G4 has published an article written by Dennis Scimeca a freelance writer who's work has been published on Kotaku, Ars Technica and Gamasutra, that deals wit…

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Ramallah Ramallah 16 March 2012

Obsidian Missed New Vegas Bonus Payment By A Single Metacritic Point

Game Informer has published a report that Obsidian was missed out on a bonus payment by Bethesda because the game didn't score high enough on Metacritic. The Game Informer article reads:

"Obsidian is …

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Fallout world
The Fallout world is not quite our own. It is an alternate reality which diverged from ours at some point after the second World War.

The base concept for the setting is the World of Tomorrow as imagined in the Golden Age of Science Fiction. This means that before the Great War, the Fallout world was more or less what the people of the 1940s and 1950s thought things would be like in 2077.

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