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Here you can find all known information on canceled Fallout projects.
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Although canceled before they could be realized, these games are not forgotten - Ideas from canceled games occasionally reappear in later games.

This section plays tribute, not just to the Fallout games that could have been, but to the Fallout games that still could be.

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Van Buren (aka Fallout 3)

Black Isle and Interplay's original Fallout 3. Although the game engine was 95% complete, the development of this project ended when the studio was disbanded. Elements would later return in later games.

Project V13
Fallout Online (aka "Project V13" (first incarnation))

Following the sale of the Fallout franchise to Bethesda, Interplay retained a limited right to develop an online Fallout game. This ended up resulting in a lawsuit between the two companies, and the idea to make a MMO based Fallout remains unrealised.

Fallout Tactics 2 logo

Fallout Tactics 2
Continuing from Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel, this would see the Midwestern Brotherhood of steel head South-East, towards Florida to deal with a GECK causing mutations. This game was canceled in pre-development due to poor sales of the previous title.

Fallout Extreme Logo
Fallout Extreme

Another Sequel for Fallout Tactics, but developed for Consoles. This game would have seen "The Cause" head Northwest, through Canada and on to Alaska to do battle with the Brotherhood of Steel; following this victory they would then head on to China to destroy a Doom's Day Missile.

Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2

Following on from Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, and resuing some elements from Van Buren, this would see the player again deal with an out-of-control GECK, this time deep in the heart of Texas.

Fallout Pen and Paper d20
Fallout Pen and Paper d20 wiki logo

Licensed by Glutton Creeper Games by Interplay, this project would have brought Fallout to the tabletop through the D20 gaming system made popular by Dungeons and Dragons. Although Bethesda brought legal action against the project, it was eventually released as Exodus, with the Fallout elements removed.

TORN logo

This fantasy game by the team behind Planescape:Torment would have been the second fantasy game to share the SPECIAL system

Fallout (PlayStation)

A proposed top down shooter proposed for Sony's original PlayStation console, although a prototype existed it was canceled after 3-4 months of development

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VB DD08 loc Nursery 1
The Nursery is a miracle of pre-War engineering. It is a self-contained balanced ecological system set within a deep canyon. The valley floor of the canyon is rife with the flora and fauna of times past. At the head of the valley is a lake of crystal blue water that feeds a river. The river flows from one end of the valley to the other, disappearing into the canyon wall. Bordering the lake are several buildings that house the maintenance equipment that keeps the Nursery functioning.


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