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Poplar's hood is a piece of clothing in Fallout 3, a unique variant of the Oasis druid hood.


The item's appearance is the same as the other Oasis inhabitants' hoods but it cannot be repaired using other Oasis druid hoods. It can, however, be repaired with various wasteland outfits, roving trader outfits, and slave outfits.


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Poplar's hood is rewarded from one option of the Oasis quest. The Lone Wanderer must help Harold grow by applying Laurel's liniment to his heart.

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  • When wearing Poplar's hood it is not named "Poplar's hood" in the status effects screen. Instead there it bears the name "Minderlithe."
  • Poplar's hood is the only piece of equipment in the base game (without DLC) with +10 Sneak.
  • This is the only piece of headwear that adds to your Agility.