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Polly's Assaultron head is a non-automatic pistol in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update.


The salvaged head of Polly the Assaultron. It is charged by reloading repeatedly. The more charges, the higher the damage.


Found on a flipped over minecart in Gauley Mine, during the quest Strength in Numbers. The player character is required to remove her from their inventory to continue the aforementioned quest.


  • It is affected by the Grounded mutation.
  • After exiting the mine, Polly will exclaim that her head's "ammo" finally corroded due to the conditions of the cave, rendering Polly's head useless as an effective weapon.
  • Polly's head functions similarly to the laser musket requiring the weapon's charge to be manually loaded.
  • Polly's head cannot be displayed on any weapon rack.