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I honestly don't remember making any tax-cut promises during my election. Besides, I don't have any lips to read...

Politician brain is one of the brains that the Calculator uses in Vault 0.


This is one of eight brains that are wired to the Calculator. This particular one is from a politician, who claims it was not corrupt.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

Interactions overviewEdit

Perk empathy synthesizer
This character is involved in missions.

Calculator's Lair

This character appears in the following locations.

Vault 0

Effects of player's actionsEdit

If the Warrior kills the brain, their Reputation is lowered.

Other interactionsEdit

Since the Calculator needs to be dealt with, the Warrior needs to crush this brain to continue with the mission.


Calculator's LairEdit

Apparel Weapon Other items On death


Politician brain appears only in Fallout Tactics.

Behind the scenesEdit

Two of his quotes are references to real-life politicans; Bill Clinton's famous quote "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" and George H. W. Bush's promise during the presidential election in 1988 to "Read my lips: no new taxes" at the Republican National Convention. Both turned out to be false.

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