The police uniform is an outfit in Fallout 76.


The regular police uniform has a dark blue button up shirt with a black tie, along with matching pants worn with a black Sam Browne belt and black calf-high boots.

The cap is a department issue police officer's uniform cap, a dark blue cap with a black visor and a silver badge on the front.


  • Both the outfit and the hat can be found at the police station at Monongah.
  • The outfit can be found at Grafton Dam on the ground near a police car parked outside.
  • The outfit can also be found inside a display area at the Responders base at Morgantown Airport.
  • The outfit can also spawn at various police cars around the map along with the cop cap.
  • Both the outfit and the hat can be found on the first floor in an unmarked apartment directly across from the Mothman Museum.
  • A hat can be found in an ummarked café in Charleston.