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Poker chips are a form of currency in Fallout: New Vegas.


They are used by all of the functional casinos. Each casino has its own chips that must be used for gambling. The Courier can exchange any form of currency for chips and can receive their payout in any form of currency.

Casino chip payouts

  • Poker chips can be bought with bottle caps, Legion currency or NCR dollars. Each chip is worth 1 cap.
  • When Poker chips are returned for money, if the player character chooses to trade in for Legion currency or NCR money, any extra change due will be given in caps.
  • Poker chips can be bought in 1, 5, 20, 100, 500 or 1,000 chip allotments.

List of Poker chips

Collector's Edition Replica Casino In-game Icon G.E.C.K. ID Base ID
FNV-CE-PokerChip-Tops The Tops Icon pokerchip tops TheTopsChip 00144c3b
FNV-CE-PokerChip-UltraLuxe Ultra-Luxe Icon pokerchip ultraluxe UltraLuxeChip 00144c3c
FNV-CE-PokerChip-Gomorrah Gomorrah Icon pokerchip gomorrah GomorrahChip 00139fe0
FNV-CE-PokerChip-AtomicWrangler Atomic Wrangler Icon pokerchip atomic AtomicWranglerChip 00144c3e
User Blank Vikki and Vance Casino Icon pokerchip vikkivance VikkiVanceChip 00144c3d
FNV-CE-PokerChip-Vault21 Vault 21 User Blank N/A N/A
FNV-CE-PokerChip-SilverRush Silver Rush User Blank N/A N/A
FNV-CE-PokerChip-BisonSteve Bison Steve Hotel User Blank N/A N/A
Sierra Madre chip Gametitle-FNV DM Sierra Madre Casino Icon sierra madre chip SierraMadreChip xx011236


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