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According to local folklore - as well as a statue and museum in Point Pleasant, West Virginia - the Mothman is a terrifying half-man, half-moth hybrid. Pray you never encounter it and learn the truth.Fallout 76 loading screens

Point Pleasant is a town in the Forest region of Appalachia.


Point Pleasant sits on the shores of the Ohio River, opposite the town of Gallipolis. It featured the Mothman Museum attraction, dedicated to one of Appalachia's most well known cryptids.[1] After the Great War, the town was first controlled by raiders, before power shifted hands to the Responders, who used Point Pleasant as their outpost.[1] Operating out of the converted church, the Responders held out until Appalachia fell to the Scorched.[2][3] The town remained a nest of Scorched activity in the following years, subsequently inhabited by the Cult of the Mothman and the Enlightened.[4]


Point Pleasant's South Road Bridge entrance is barricaded off by the cult's log and twisted tree branch fortifications. The Silver Bridge is collapsed into the Ohio River below and Marigold Pavilion overlooks the town from a hillside to the west.[5]

Most of the buildings boarded up or otherwise inaccessible, but the rooftops are well connected by way of stairways and makeshift bridges. The cult has added fortifications, altars, and totems throughout the town. A burning effigy is located at the intersection closest to the church. On the banks of the river, an elaborate shrine has been set up on the outdoor auditorium.

State Route 81 is situated to the west, running alongside the river until branching off by the main Responder outpost in the church to the east. The church was used as a medical aid staging area and contains a safe, medical loot, a chem station, medical supplies automated vendor as well as the remains of the former faction. The apartment block across the street from the Mothman Museum includes a former store containing a safe. North of this block is an open garage with a potential power armor spawn. Alongside the road behind the museum is an ammo vendor and a weapons workbench.

Notable loot

Holotapes and notes
  • Interloper - Holotape, found in the southern apartment across from the Point Pleasant bus stop on a nightstand. The apartment is accessed by jumping onto the fire escape from the top of the nearby truck.
  • The Mothman Cometh - Part 2 - Holotape, found sitting on the television in the same apartment.
  • Wilson's Bros. garage - Note, in the same apartment, found next to the interloper holotape on the dresser.
  • Search teams - Note, in the church on a desk near a Responder corpse.
  • Leaving at dawn - Note, found on a metal table on the roof just west of the entrance to the church.
  • South bridge watch - Note, found on the rooftop of the northwestern hardware store with the power armor, sitting on the cinderblocks of a campfire. The building itself is independent of the main system of Mothman cultist walkways along the town's rooftops, and is instead a separate building near the Silver Bridge and the Ohio River that can be accessed by jumping from the bridge to the roof.
  • Note from Miller - Note, found to the left of the base of the Mothman statue.
  • C.H. Monthly, January - Note, inside the same apartment as the Mothman Cometh - Part 2 holotape, on a small nightstand near a door.
  • C.H. Monthly, October - Note, inside the same apartment as the Mothman Cometh - Part 2 holotape, directly opposite of the small nightstand.
Other loot
  • Mothman Museum key - Inside the same apartment room where the Interloper holotape is found, underneath the bed's left pillow.
  • Mothman eggs - Found on the ground around the Mothman statue and around a makeshift shrine table near the collapsed west bridge.
  • Power armor chassis with T-series armor pieces - Found on the rooftop of the hardware store opposite the western bridge with random power armor pieces attached.
  • Potential weapon mod plan - In the open garage, on a cabinet to the left of a power armor station.
  • Two potential workshop plans:
    • Inside the church, on a small metal shelf opposite of the chemistry workbench.
    • Inside the Mothman Museum, on the second floor, on a desk behind a tinker's workbench.
  • Three potential armor mods:
    • Inside the church, on a metal shelf close to the northern door.
    • Inside the church, on a wooden shelf to the right of a Picklock 2 safe.
    • On the left side of the hardware store, on a shelf underneath a 'Plumbing' sign, to the left of a large toolbox.
  • Two potential weapon mods:
    • Near the weapons workbench in front of the hunting supplies store, on top of a stacked wooden crate.
    • In the open garage near a power armor station, on top of a crate.
  • Four potential recipes:
    • Sitting on a wooden crate near the campfire on the same roof.
    • On a roof with a blue and white tent, on a lower metal shelf.
    • On the back veranda facing the river, on a small table, near the ice cream shop.
    • On the roof of the Nuka-cola shop with a cooking station, on a cinderblock near the cooking station.


Point Pleasant appears in Fallout 76. It expanded upon in the Wastelanders and Night of the Moth updates.


Night of the Moth




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