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This page is about the Point Lookout tribal faction. For the Point Lookout tribal character, see Point Lookout tribal.
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We espouse the expansion of the perfect mind, and the rejection of the corrupt physical! The material world is destroyed and imperfect. We seek to release our mind from their tainted cages, so as to find a better world.

The Point Lookout tribals are a group of tribals who inhabit Point Lookout in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.


These cultists firmly believe in the power of the punga plant. They worship it and trade it with outside forces, such as Tobar the Ferryman, in a means to spread their faith. Tribals wish to concentrate on leaving their mortal bodies to travel into the astral plane, and Jackson, the leader of the tribals, has traveled farther than most. Normally peace-loving, the tribals have recently begun to assault the old Calvert Mansion, apparently under orders from Jackson himself. However, he's not the one pulling the strings. Aside from attacks on the mansion, tribals are mainly confined to the Ark & Dove cathedral, where they grow refined Punga plants and seek enlightenment through the power of the Punga.[1]


Led by Jackson, the tribe cultivates, worships and consumes the punga fruit. What the punga cannot provide, they acquire by trading it with outsiders like Tobar.

The tribe believes in leaving material things behind, as the physical world has been destroyed, and concentrating on reaching astral planes of existence. As such, Jackson considers Calvert to have reached a far higher level of enlightenment as he has left his physical body behind completely. He obeys the Professor's every order, which is why the normally peaceful tribals have taken to assaulting Calvert Mansion.

Should the Lone Wanderer choose to side with Desmond Lockheart during Thought Control, all unnamed tribe members become hostile and, unless they are killed unobserved, will be joined in hostility by any named members witnessing a fight with them. But, if you kill the unnamed tribals at the Ark & Dove cathedral without killing any of the named tribals, you can leave the area and come back and not be attacked by the named tribals.

Their primary settlement is at the Ark & Dove cathedral, entrance to which is only granted to those who pass an initiation ritual. It's also the only place where refined punga fruits can be found, aside from the occasional availability that food vendors offer.

Ritual of the Mother SeedEdit

The tribe's initiation ritual involves traveling to the Sacred Bog to retrieve punga seeds from the Mother Punga. When taking these seeds, the contestant is subjected to a hallucinogenic substance by the plant. During this period, Tobar removes a portion of the contestant's brain, allegedly the part responsible for inhibitions.

Sometimes this procedure results in the death of the potential tribe member or a loss of more brain functions than desired. This is to an extent that a member, Woodrose, is charged with ensuring everyone in the tribe still eats and sleeps. Survivors who make it back to the cathedral are then accepted into the tribe.


Named memberEdit

Unnamed membersEdit

Although the unnamed tribals encountered at the Ark & Dove cathedral are (initially) not hostile, their brethren met at Calvert Mansion are not as peaceful.


Point Lookout tribals appear in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.



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