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Point Lookout is a paper note in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.


Automatically received by the player character at the beginning of the add-on.


Greetings from Point Lookout!

Straight from the land of warm beaches and luscious wetlands comes the Duchess Gambit, the finest vessel on the east coast, piloted by Tobar the Ferryman.

And to the hungry masses of the Capital Wasteland, he brings the hearty punga fruit! A delicious and nutritious addition to your daily meal, its tangy taste is the most refreshing meal in the world.

Find the punga fruit at your local merchant now, or buy straight from the source at the Duchess Gambit, now docked south of the Citadel.

Hey, adventurers! Itching to find Point Lookout's treasures for yourself? Talk with Tobar to book passage back to this land of mystery!