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Point Lookout opens up a massive new area of the Wasteland – a, dark, murky swampland along the coast of Maryland. So hop on the ferry to the seaside town of Point Lookout, for the most mysterious and open-ended Fallout 3 DLC adventure yet.— Official description

Point Lookout is the fourth add-on for Fallout 3, developed and published by Bethesda Softworks.

Release and availability

Point Lookout was initially released exclusively as downloadable content on Xbox Live and Games for Windows Live on June 23, 2009. It was made available for PlayStation Store on October 8, 2009. For Xbox 360, download codes for Xbox Live are also available in retail.

For PC and Xbox 360, Point Lookout is available as a disc version as part of the second Fallout 3 Game Add-on Pack, released on August 25, 2009. The pack also includes Broken Steel.

Like all add-ons, Point Lookout is included in the Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition, released on October 13, 2009 for all platforms.

For Steam users, Point Lookout, along with all the other Fallout 3 add-ons, is available, released on July 16, 2010.


Development of Point Lookout started with developers Joel Burgess and Nathan Purkeypile, lead designer and lead artist on the add-on respectively, being asked to come up with a list of pitches for a new add-on. Although Purkeypile originally wanted to utilize the idea of a crashed space station, a swamp area was what resonated with the rest of the team the most. Purkeypile, who is from the rural Pacific Northwest, and Burgess, who is from the American South, converged their points of heritage to draw inspiration for Point Lookout. At this point, pre-production was ramping up at Bethesda Game Studios for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which meant that the team working on Point Lookout was initially quite small.[1] As development progressed, the Point Lookout team grew to include more developers, which led to the creation of side quests such as The Dark Heart of Blackhall, which was derived from the idea of expanding on themes of Dunwich horror. Although Burgess and Purkeypile were the add-on's leads, they found a strong team of designers to work with over time, such as (but not limited to) Fred Zeleny and Erik J. Caponi, the latter of whom worked on the quests for the main storyline.[2]

Ultimately, Point Lookout had an exceptionally short development period of four months.[3] This led to some content being cut due to time constraints. According to Purkeypile, the design of Point Lookout was a more direct process of design going straight to implementation.[4] The only piece of concept art created for the add-on was for the swampfolk enemies, which was itself done by an outsourcing firm. Bethesda Game Studios, which at the time had a very small concept art team, was more focused on Skyrim art at this point. Other new objects for the add-on, such as trees, were largely based on online reference images.[5]

Although Point Lookout is based on the real-world Point Lookout State Park, it is not an exact recreation. The team chose Point Lookout due to its geographic "point" (the peninsula shape of the region), as well as its unique name. The geography of the real-world Point Lookout was modified for the game to suit the team's needs.[6]


Point Lookout

Point Lookout takes place in the Fallout equivalent of Point Lookout State Park, a new swampland area with new quests and enemies. Point Lookout in the Fallout setting has a landscape between one-sixth and one-fifth the size of the Capital Wasteland where "the bombs didn't actually fall, but the world has left it behind".

Like all add-ons (except for Broken Steel), Point Lookout is playable at any time during the main storyline; the player could travel there immediately after exiting Vault 101. Once the content is loaded, you receive a message on-screen that initially starts the quest The Local Flavor. As with previous add-ons, the main quest line is said to add about three to four hours' worth of game time.

When you first arrive at Point Lookout, your permanent followers will not accompany you. If you have temporary followers in your party, however, instead of proceeding straight from the boat to discover Pilgrim's Landing, you travel to any other marked location (e.g. Disaster relief camps) on the map and then fast travel back to the riverboat, you will be standing in front of the boat and be reunited with your temporary followers. This may prove helpful against the powerful attacks and high health of tribals or the swamp folks.

Unlike other add-ons, the player doesn't need to complete the main quest in order to travel back to the Capital Wasteland. Provided they can pay the ticket cost, the Duchess Gambit will travel back and forth anytime. It takes a month (30 days) of game time to travel to Point Lookout.




Armor and clothing


Other items



Name Level req Other requirements Ranks Description Code
Ghoul Ecology - Read Plik's journal in the coastal grotto 1 +5 damage against ghouls.1 xx00D1FE
Punga Power! - Complete Walking with Spirits 1 Boosts radiation recovery from eating punga fruits. xx011096
Superior Defender - Complete The Local Flavor 1 +5 damage and +10 armor when standing still. xx00D1FA

1While intended to only work on ghouls, as stated, this perk actually affects all damage done by the character.

Cut perks

These perks were cut from the final game, and can only be obtained on the PC version using console commands.

Name Description Code
Mirelurk Ecology +5 damage to mirelurks. xx00FC2E
Gray Matters 25% less damage from attacks to your head. xx00D1FD
Swing for the Fences +10 damage with Melee Weapons. xx00D1FB

Quests and achievements

Main quests

Name Location(s) Given by Reward Achievement points Trophy Quest ID Image
The Local Flavor Riverboat Landing
Duchess Gambit
Calvert Mansion
Notification Superior Defender perk 20 Gamerscore Silver xx005846 The Local Flavor.png
Walking with Spirits Ark & Dove cathedral
Sacred Bog Entrance
Desmond 300 XP
Punga Power! perk
20 Gamerscore Silver xx005847 Walking with Spirits.png
Hearing Voices Ark & Dove cathedral
Calvert Mansion
Sea cave
Desmond 300 XP - - xx005848
Thought Control Calvert Mansion
Desmond 300 XP - - xx005849
A Meeting of the Minds Calvert Mansion
Point Lookout Lighthouse
Desmond Microwave emitter 20 Gamerscore Gold xx00584A
A Meeting of the Minds.png

Side quests

Name Location(s) Given by Reward Quest ID
A Spoonful of Whiskey Marguerite's shack Marguerite

300 - 500 Caps

and 6 bottles of Moonshine

An Antique Land USS Ozymandias (Point Lookout) Bysshe Company terminal 50 XP
Expedition supplies
Plik's Safari Coastal grotto (Point Lookout) Plik 100 XP
The Dismemberer
The Dark Heart of Blackhall Blackhall Manor Obadiah Blackhall 1000 caps or Good Karma xx002F47
The Velvet Curtain Homestead Motel (Point Lookout) Terminal in room 1D or in the Administration office in Turtledove Detention Camp

Backwater rifle
A large amount of ammunition and weapons


Unmarked quests

Name Location(s) Given by Reward Repeatable
Tailing the Tomboy Riverboat Landing
Ark & Dove cathedral
Catherine 10 Refined punga fruits and 300 caps no

Other achievements

Name Requirement Achievement points Trophy Image
Bog Walker Discover all locations within Point Lookout 40 Gamerscore Silver Bog Walker.png





Point Lookout