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[Player]'s story is a paper note in the Fallout 4 Creation Club content "Anti-Materiel Rifle."


The note can be found in the Museum of Witchcraft during the quest The Paper Mirror.



picked up the note.

It was kind of a shock, seeing <Alias.PronounPosObj=Player> name there. Not that there wasn't a reasonable explanation for it.

It could be <Alias.Pronoun=Player> just misread the page. It could be the museum just had <Alias.PronounObj=Player> spooked. Or maybe some other wastelander just happened to share the name <Alias=Player>, and the note was meant for <Alias.PronounObj=Player>.

Whatever the reason, <Alias=Player> decided to keep reading. Why the hell not. There was no guarantee the words on the page were referring to <Alias.PronounObj=Player>.

It was only a paper mirror, a reflection made up of words on a page. Besides, the only way to know for sure was to keep reading to the end.

But even then, having read the page and learned <Alias.PronounPosObj=Player> future, there was no reason to take the words seriously. At some point, <Alias.Pronoun=Player> would go back outside and wander the Wasteland again, and perhaps even forget about the note altogether.

Eventually, those travels would bring <Alias.PronounObj=Player> to the Dugout Inn in Diamond City. Of course, <Alias=Player> wasn't there on business. <Alias.PronounCap=Player> just wanted to relax. But as <Alias.Pronoun=Player> walked into the inn amidst the glow of neon, something to the right caught <Alias.PronounPosObj=Player> eye.

Posted on the wall was a bounty for a killer named Zane. Someone wanted him dead.

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