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It's your designated play time! Be good and do as your nanny says.

Daily: Play Time is a daily quest in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthrough

Detailed walkthrough

Upon entering Berkeley Springs and finding the Miss Nanny Chloe, after she scolds the Vault Dweller, thinking they were Leslie Davis, the girl she was assigned to watch over, she then tells them they can have their designated play time, at which point, it will be one of four random choices:

  • Play Date: She sends them off to a radiant location to meet a friend for a play date. This ends up involving killing hostile enemies found at the location, usually Haven Church and the feral ghouls there.
  • Pick Up Toys: Head to a radiant location to recover three toys lying around the area. Since they are marked as quest items, they can't be scrapped after being picked up.
  • Pick Flowers: Chloe sends them off to pick five flowers along the river near the Southern Belle Motel. Some soot flowers can be found on the southeastern shore, while the majority of plants in the area are bloodleafs, which are found swimming on and under the water.
  • Science Project: Chloe sends them off to work on a science project by collecting meat from three of the local hostile creatures in The Mire: gulpers, mirelurks, and anglers, with each one found at one of the swamps in the region: anglers at the gnarled shallows, mirelurks at the highland marsh, and gulpers at gulper lagoon.

Once the assignment is accomplished, return to Chloe, who is surprised to see the Vault Dweller back so soon, and sends them on their way as she needs some time alone, completing the quest. Anything collected during the quest, such as plants or meat, is kept alongside the quest rewards, which include random ammo, a weapon, a chance for a legendary item, caps, and Legendary Scrip.

Possible locations

Quest stages

Quest stages
DescriptionLog Entry
Investigate Berkeley Springs
Talk to ChloeI came across Ms. Nanny in Berkeley Springs that has mistaken me for her charge. I should speak to her and find out what she wants.
Collect Gulper Innards (#/#)A Ms. Nanny has mistaken me for her charge and sent me off to collect samples of the local wildlife for a school project.
Collect Mirelurk Meat (#/#)
Collect Angler Meat (#/#)
Collect flowers (#/#)A Ms. Nanny has mistaken me for her charge and sent me off to pick flowers. I should search the Mire to gather a variety for her.
Attend the play dateA Ms. Nanny has mistaken me for her charge and sent me off to attend a play date. I should travel to the locations she's marked for me and see who shows up.
Survive your play dateI arrived at my play date to find only hostile play mates. I can't let them bully me, and need to defend myself.
Retrieve toys (#/#)A Ms. Nanny has mistaken me for her charge and sent me off to retrieve some toys that were left behind. I need to travel to the location she marked on my map to find them.
Return to ChloeI have completed the task that Chloe gave me. I should return to her in Berkeley Springs and let her know.


PCPC Shortly after completing the quest, the player is directed to search Berkeley Springs for Chloe again under the miscellaneous quests tab. Since the quest has been completed for the day, no further interaction is possible.[verification overdue]

  • However, this allows completing the quest after the reset the next day, even though rotation-wise, another daily quest is also active.