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Such a small thing, isn't it? And yet so... capacious. So very dear...Mr. House

The platinum chip is a quest item in Fallout: New Vegas.


The platinum chip was designed by Robert House[1] and was printed at great expense in Sunnyvale on October 22, 2077, a day before the Great War, but it became lost in the following nuclear holocaust.[2] After regaining consciousness from his coma after saving Las Vegas from full nuclear destruction, Mr. House spent millions of caps (812,545 in 2280 alone)[3] to find it. Around late 2281, the platinum chip was finally located by one of these scavenger teams. Cautious about its arrival, Mr. House first had delivery paths, avenues and routes screened prior to having it sent to New Vegas via the Mojave Express, along with five other dummy packages of various novelty items so as not to convey its importance to anyone like raiders or the Brotherhood of Steel.[4][5]

Carried by the Courier from southern NCR, through the Hub,[6] to New Vegas, the chip was intercepted by Benny around Goodsprings after attaining the exact route through Yes Man. House's protégé intended to use it to gain control of the New Vegas Strip and make it an independent power in the wasteland, free of his employer's machinations.[4] The only locations on Earth that have the computer hardware necessary to read the chip are inside the Lucky 38 casino and a weather monitoring station on Fortification Hill.[7]


The chip is a sophisticated, high-density data storage device.[8][9] In addition to opening otherwise locked facilities controlled by the Lucky 38 casino's computers, the chip contains the Mark II operating system for Securitron robots. The Mark II operating system has numerous features that the Mark I system lacks, such as drivers for an auto-repair system as well as the correct drivers for the grenade and missile launcher weapons that all Securitrons are equipped with but unable to use.

Though a proprietary format,[8][9] the platinum chip also contains software upgrades for the Lucky 38's systems. Besides being a casino and the headquarters for Mr. House's endeavors, the Lucky 38 is also armed with a missile defense grid. During the Great War, these weapons were used to prevent most of the nuclear warheads from destroying Las Vegas and the surrounding area,[10] and, if the platinum chip had reached House in time, would have prevented all of the warheads from hitting the Vegas area. Despite its name, it is not made of platinum, rather it refers to the data itself.[11]


The platinum chip can be obtained by killing Benny. It is also possible to obtain the chip by either working with or killing Caesar.


  • Mr. House mentions that Benny could threaten to destroy the Platinum Chip to blackmail him. However Benny will never do so under any circumstances, even if confronted directly.
  • If the player asks Veronica what she knows about the Platinum Chip, she will correctly say that it looks like it was manufactured before the Great War. However, she will then estimate that it was manufactured in the mid-2200s, well after the Great War.[12] This is most likely an oversight.

Inside the game files exists an unused duplicate item called just "Platinum Chip" (no "The"). It has a value of 1 and uses the blue pass card as a model.

Behind the scenes[]

  • A replica platinum chip is included in every copy of the Collector's Edition of Fallout: New Vegas. The Collector's Edition chip has Morse code numbers on each of its sides. The 200 side reads "112281," while the Lucky 38 side reads "232077." Also on the 200 side, there is a symbol of a roulette ball in a 7 slot, while the Lucky 38 side shows a roulette ball in a 10 slot. When presented in MM/DD/YYYY format, the date ascertained from the Lucky 38 side is, in fact, 10/23/2077, the day of the Great War, and the day the chip was to be delivered to Mr. House. The significance of the date obtained from the 200 side, 07/11/2281, was the date the events of Fallout: New Vegas began before the change for 10/19/2281.
  • The chip being made in Sunnyvale, CA is an homage to the movie WarGames.[Non-game 1]
  • The platinum chip was originally planned to trade hands much more frequently in the second half of the game. This was changed early on in development when Joshua Sawyer asked John Gonzalez to focus more on the interactions and motivations of the major factions rather than the chip itself. Remnants of this original design can still be found in the GECK, with the most prominent being the unfinished script vChipHistory.[Non-game 2]


  • PCPC Xbox 360Xbox 360 It's possible to obtain 2 platinum chips. First, obtain the first one from Benny. Then visit Caesar. Then exit the premises of The Fort and become vilified by Caesar's Legion (or any reputation that makes them hostile). Then pay another visit to Caesar and kill him. The second platinum chip can now be looted from his corpse. [verified]
  • Xbox 360Xbox 360 Alternatively, allow Benny's capture by the Legion, and complete the quest of choice in Mr. House's bunker. Afterward, pickpocket the chip from Caesar and then leave the camp, returning to Cottonwood Cove. One should arrive with two platinum chips. [verified]
  • PCPC Another way to obtain 2 platinum chips is to go to the Fort without encountering Benny at the Tops. Speak with Caesar, he will give the player a Platinum Chip so one can destroy (or not) Mr. House's bunker. Then, go to The Tops and visit Benny at his suite (Average Lock on the door), one can loot a platinum chip from his body after the player character murders him.[verified]
  • PCPC If the player kills Benny and obtains the platinum chip and then proceeds to talk to Caesar the chip will be taken from one's inventory once entering The Fort. To obtain another chip return to The Tops and start the Yes Man quests. Go to the Lucky 38 and kill Mr. House. One will receive another platinum chip. [verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 It is possible to end up losing the platinum chip, thus preventing one from finishing the game's main storyline. This will occur if the courier enters Caesar's legion as an enemy and then slaughters Caesar and his guards, and then choose to let Benny live. Since Caesar is already dead, the chip will not appear in his inventory, and if Benny escapes, he will disappear from the game and one cannot loot it from his corpse. Paradoxically, even though the chip will not appear in one's inventory, the player can return to Mr. House and he will act as though you have and have handed over the chip, even upgrading his Securitrons and inviting one to return to Caesar's fort and open the secret bunker. For PC, one can just use console commands to get the platinum chip to appear in your inventory. [verified]



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    (Veronica Santangelo's dialogue)


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    There's an unused, incomplete script in F:NV called vChipHistory. It tracks the player giving the Platinum Chip to one of four factions, Mr. House, Legion, NCR or the Followers of the Apocalypse. It then tracks the player stealing it back and giving it to one of the other factions. Was F:NV's main quest even more ambitious early in development? Joshua Sawyer: The main plot did revolve around the platinum chip floating around for a while. Shortly after this version of the critical path was stubbed in, I talked to John Gonzalez (our creative lead) and asked him to change the focus of the second half of the critical path. I was concerned that it was too "foozley" and didn’t focus enough on the factions and their interests in the war. He redesigned the second half of the critical path to faction interactions and motivations.