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For an overview of plastic explosives in the Fallout series, see plastic explosives.
A chunk of Cordex, a military brand of plastic explosives. Highly stable, very destructive. Includes a timer.— In-game description, Fallout

Plastic explosives are a trap in Fallout and Fallout 2.


Plastic explosives are, pound for pound, more powerful than dynamite, causing 40-80 points of damage, and sport a wider blast radius. Correspondingly, plastic explosives are more expensive than dynamite.

Plastic explosives have a timer that can be set to anywhere between 10 seconds and 3 minutes, in 10-second increments.

In Fallout, plastic explosives must be dropped manually, even if held in the active item slots. In Fallout 2 however, if they are activated in the active item slots, they drop automatically.


Plastic explosives are harder to come by when scrounging, but military facilities often have at least a few charges in stock. Most shops do not carry plastic explosives, even if they carry dynamite. In terms of shopping, the best bet is to try higher-end weapons shops. Along with their big-ticket guns, some may have a few bundles of plastique.


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