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"Gooify" your enemies at range with superheated plasma.— In-game description

The plasma rifle is a weapon that appears in Fallout Shelter.


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This plasma rifle is a lightweight urban warfare weapon created as part of a desire to replace the aging Winchester P94 "Plasma Caster" design.[1] This design was produced and fielded in number prior to the Great War of October 23, 2077. This however was not the end of the design nor manufacture[2] of this weapon platform. Prior to the nuclear Armageddon, REPCONN Aerospace (as a subsidiary of RobCo Industries) would successfully develop an improvement from their spaceflight research, with significantly advanced factions tinkering with the design post Armageddon.[3]


The plasma rifle is a plasma caster featured in Fallout Shelter that fires super-heated bolts of plasma, using microfusion cells to heat and fire the plasma. Dealing 17 minimum damage per attack, it has the highest damage output for any energy rifle, or any rare weapon, in the game.


A variant of plasma rifle is required equipment for the quests "Following His First Steps", "Raider Troubles at Corvega", and "When Preston Calls".



Weapon name Weapon damage Weapon value Rarity
Rusty plasma rifle 17 100 Rare
Plasma rifle 17-18 100 Rare
Tuned plasma rifle 17-19 500 Legendary
Focused plasma rifle 17-20 500 Legendary
Amplified plasma rifle 17-22 500 Legendary
Mean Green Monster 17-23 500 Legendary



A high Perception stat is needed to effectively create the plasma rifle.

Globe (3)
Caps x500
Plasma rifle (1)



  1. The cover of the Future Weapons Today periodical as seen in Fallout: New Vegas has a section prominently promoted entitled "Urban Plasma Rifles."
  2. Energy weapon forge
  3. In Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 both the Institute and the Brotherhood of Steel are origins of such designs acquirable by the player character. See the variations list on the overview article.