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Plasma pistols are high-tech weapons firing superheated bolts of plasma, powered by small energy cells, energy cells or Plasma cartridge (Fallout 4)'s.


Glock 86Edit

Fo1 Plasma Pistol

The Austrian-made Glock 86 plasma pistol (also referred to as the Plasma Defender[1]) was designed before the Great War by the Gaston Glock artificial intelligence. It shoots a small bolt of superheated plasma and is powered by a small energy cell.[2]

Urban plasma pistolEdit


This plasma pistol has five tributary energy arcs connected to a central cathode, and the cathode functions as a point of focus, or the barrel. The energy is projected forward and forms a plasma pinch; though rather slow, the pinch carries high levels of both thermal and kinetic energy.

MPLX NovasurgeEdit

Gameplay article: Mothership Zeta

Developed by Doctor Aldwin Morley 14 years before the Great War, as a secretive prototype to the Enclave’s plasma pistol, this prototype plasma pistol also proves a conspiracy theory suspected long before the War.[3] At the time, concern was focused on energy cell drain and weight problems caused by the coolant coils, but resulted in the frame being approved and used for the final design.[4] Shortly after, it was stolen from the conspiracy by an organization called Quaere Verum, but was buried in a safe in a desert after being revealed to the Enclave by Morley, who had been posing as a double-agent and allowing the group to steal the Novasurge prototype before prompting Enclave agents to exterminate the group.[5] The pistol was later taken by aliens who brought up both the safe that contained the gun and the computer terminal required to remotely unlock the safe.

Modular plasma gunEdit

Fallout4 plasma pistol

The modular plasma gun in pistol configuration.

Gameplay articles: Fallout 4, Fallout 76

This plasma weapon is similar in design to the urban plasma rifle, though it differs slightly in appearance. It is highly modular, being available in pistol, rifle, scattergun, sniper and flamethrower configurations. Unlike other plasma weapons, it utilizes plasma cartridges for ammunition.


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