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Plan: Farmable dirt tiles is a workshop object plan in the Fallout 76 update Wastelanders.



The plan unlocks crafting of five types of farmable dirt tiles at a C.A.M.P. or workshop as follows:

Image Workshop category In-menu name Form ID Editor ID
FO76 Workshop DirtTile FoundationWood01.png Floors Foundation - Garden 00579A98 Workshop_DirtTile_FoundationWood01
FO76 Workshop DirtTile WrhsFloorFoundation01.png Foundation - Garden 00586B74 Workshop_DirtTile_WrhsFloorFoundation01
FO76 Workshop DirtTile WrhsFloorWood01.png Upper Floor - Garden 00586B75 Workshop_DirtTile_WrhsFloorWood01
FO76 Workshop DirtTile WrhsFloorWoodHalf01.png Upper Floor - Garden 00586B76 Workshop_DirtTile_WrhsFloorWoodHalf01
FO76 Workshop DirtTile WrhsFloorWoodSmSq01.png Upper Floor - Garden 00586B77 Workshop_DirtTile_WrhsFloorWoodSmSq01