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Plan: Auto grenade launcher is a weapon plan in Fallout 76.


  • Treasure maps in the Ash Heap, Mire and Cranberry Bog.
  • Weapon plan world spawns in the Ash Heap, Mire and Cranberry Bog.
  • Has a low chance to be awarded from Novice of Mysteries as well as a variety of quests from the Wastelanders update.
  • Has a low chance to be awarded from Daily Ops for player characters between level 40 and 49.
  • Has a very low chance to be awarded for completing daily/repeatable quests and events in the Cranberry Bog.
Obtainable from
Events Daily/repeatable quests
AWOL Armaments
Census Violence
Distant Thunder
Line in the Sand
Monster Mash
Surface to Air
Riding Shotgun
Radiation Rumble
Mission: Countdown
Powering Up
Horde Event
Cop a Squatter
The Importance of Communication
Ally Radiant Quests


The plan is always available at the following vendors if the player character is level 40 or above:

Name Locations
Brotherhood vendor The Whitespring Resort
Raiders vendor The Whitespring Resort
Vendor bot Phoenix Watoga Shopping Plaza
Vendor bot Raider Sutton Station · Pleasant Valley Station · Sunnytop Station · R&G Station


The plan unlocks crafting of the auto grenade launcher at a weapons workbench.