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It'll be a tough road, but you picked the right side. With us, you get organization, dedication, and democracy. We treat everyone fairly, or strive to. And if you have problems, we have legal outlets to solve them. Most of all, you have a community that cares - about you, and about rebuilding this city into what it used to be.Skippy Roerich

The Pittsburgh Union is a faction in the ruins of the Pitt. They are in constant conflict with the raider group known as the Fanatics.


The Union are a group of industrious survivors descended from the pre-War Pittsburgh Union Local 42. Uniting Pittsburgh workers, the local branch was centered around Pittsburgh Steel and was referred to as the "pride of the Union" by its leaders.



The Pittsburgh Union are planned to appear in Fallout 76, introduced in the Expeditions: The Pitt update.

Behind the scenes

The naming of Local 42 is a reference to real-world local unions, which are, as the name implies, local branches of national unions. Their names are often accompanied by a number in the United States and Canada.