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I had to. The city's disease meant we couldn't have children, so recruiting was the only way to grow. And as we grew, the Mill needed more workers. And, yes, that meant recruiting workers by force. I'm not proud of it, but it's the only way to keep the city supplied and armed.Lord Ashur

The Pitt slaves are the Pitt's enslaved workforce in 2277.


Slavery has existed in the Pitt ever since the early years after the Great War. Prior to 2103, local raider gangs forced survivors into slave labor and put them to work building the earliest structures and fortifications of the Pitt.[1] The Fanatics, who controlled much of the Pitt in the coming years, also made heavy use of slave labor for construction, scavenging, and other purposes.[2] Slavery likely persisted after the Pitt's fall into total anarchy just fifty years following the war. The current faction known as the Pitt slaves are just the latest group of unfortunates forced into labor by the latest raider army to claim the Pitt: they are the enslaved workforce of the Pitt raiders led by Ishmael Ashur, who took power after the Brotherhood of Steel's scourge of the Pitt in 2255.

However when Ashur restarted the Pitt's steel mill, the resulting pollution combined with the high-radiation leftover from the Great War resulted in Troglodyte Degeneration Contagion, that causes the slaves to degenerate into feral wildmen, or mutate entirely into the beastial trogs. Any children born in the Pitt would soon turn into feral trogs as well, meaning that the population of the Pitt could not grow naturally, and to both replace their numbers, and to grow them, Ashur's army was forced to either purchase or raid for slaves. To make matters even worse, no food could be grown in the Pitt, and so the only food the slaves could consist of was slop, which was a mix of trog meat and irradiated water. This was essentially a form of cannibalism and it only hastened the transformation of slaves to trogs.

The slaves work and live in Downtown, continuously watched by the Pitt raiders, where the air pollution settled, making living conditions even worse as they are forced to run the Pitt's steel industry. Beatings and worse were common by the raider guards. Some would be sent to scavenge the steelyard for scrap where they would be forced to fight off hostile elements of the Pitt.

Ashur frequently gives speeches to the slaves to try to boost morale, and stressed that they be only referred to as workers, and that the system of slavery would eventually be overturned. However, none of the slaves really believe in Ashur's rhetoric. On the other hand, Ashur does allow slaves that survive combat in an arena called the Hole to be granted equal status in his raider army, and many slaves have managed to advance in this manner.

The tipping point to the intolerable status quo, however, came when there were rumors that Ashur had a cure for TDC, and was hoarding it for himself. As such, many of the slaves are working in secret to stage a revolution, led by Wernher and Midea.

Most of the slves are located in Downtown and The Mill, although a couple of dead slaves can be found in the steelyard, presumably recruits of Everett who died during their efforts to retrieve steel ingots, and a few are encountered on the bridge trying to escape.


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Pitt slaves only appear in the Fallout 3 add-on The Pitt.