Pirate Pely is a "Boats & Bait" shop located just south of the irradiated metro and north of the Jefferson Memorial. This is an unmarked location and cannot be fast traveled to.



Pirate Pely is a small shack with a pier at the bank of the Tidal Basin. There are a few waterlogged boats located outside, though they are unusable. The shop dealt in "Rentals, Worms, Ice Cream and Talking Parrots".

Boats And BaitEdit

The building's interior is very small, with barely enough room to move. There is a drinking fountain in the right corner and a set of lockers in the left. Behind the counter there's a refrigerator and a mannequin, as well as a footlocker. Under the counter, almost directly beneath the cash register, is a hard locked safe. The safe may also be opened with the average locked terminal on the counter. A single radroach occupies the shack.



Pirate Pely appears only in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenesEdit

This area may be named after Fallout 3 lead artist Istvan Pely.

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