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The Pip-Boy Operational Instructions is the Fallout 4 manual included with the Pip-Boy Edition released on November 15, 2015. It functions largely as instructions for operating the real-life Pip-Boy 3000 Mark IV, but also includes information regarding Vault-Tec Corporation, RobCo Industries and vault life. Select transcriptions appear below.

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Cover legal disclaimer

The enclosed pages contain information regarding the use of and care for your Pip-Boy and are presented without guarantee of safety or survival by Vault-Tec. Unauthorized use of the enclosed information or your Pip-Boy is a violation of Section 82.3D of the Vault Dweller's Protection Agreement.




Responsibility Form
Vault Number
Section & Unit
Date of Admittance
Hermetics Technician
Sales Representative
Blood Type (circle one) A B AB O | Pos Neg
Meat Preference (circle one) BEF CHK CRM FWL FSH PRK
Prefered Color (circle one) Blue Yellow
Anti-Tetanus Serum (circle one) Yes No
Hand Dominance (circle one) Left Right Ambidextorous
Forearm Circumference
Vault Suit Measurements
Chest Sleeve Neck
Length Inseam Waist


If you're reading this, a scorching wave of atomic fire has likely turned the surface into a wretched husk of its former self... which means your Vault has been activated! You know have in your own hands one of America's finest, easiest-to-use personal-computational tools: the Pip-Boy.

Our good friends at RobCo Industries have worked hard to create this wonderful addition to your new home underground. It guarantees privacy, safety, and guidance in times of need. And that's not all — you will discover that life is fun with your new Pip-Boy. It's powerful, it's portable, and it's eager to go to work for you.

As your Vault Overseer, I've already had the privilege of demonstrating how much easier the Pip-Boy makes your daily tasks during your Vault-Tec orientation seminar. Now, in this little book, we're going to answer all the questions you might have about using Pip-Boy and its life-saving features. Read this book carefully and refer to it often.

The first thing you should do is complete the Personal Information Processor Responsibility Form on the opposite page. This will ensure you receive prompt service during a technical malfunction or medical emergency. I recommend the use of a Number 2 pencil, in the event that your information changes.

Once again—congratulations on joining the ranks of your fellow Americans already enjoying all that Vault life has to offer.

The Overseer signature.png

Progress Through Partnership

The American business system is an unparalleled economic dynamo built upon the foundational concepts of liberty and competition. As proof of its success, consider two fine examples: RobCo and Vault-Tec. RobCo is the leading pioneer in the field of advanced robotics and precision electronics, while Vault-Tec is known the world-over as America's finest choice in Vault technology.

Vault-Tec and RobCo: paragons of American business acumen.

When forces threatened to crush our freedoms, it was only natural that the leaders of Vault-Tec and RobCo joined in partnership to stand alongside the brave soldiers of our Armed Forces against the Red Menace. Our goal? To ensure the survival of good American citizens like you and guarantee the continuation of our American way of life.

As a matter of fact, the Vault-Tec — RobCo partnership is considered the most successful venture in the history of American industry. The result has been an exhilarating race to the future, producing many new products and new processes that directly benefit you, the Vault Dweller.

Together we have created an atmosphere of progress, where men and women representing a variety of talents join their efforts and realize the dream of Vault life. Your Pip-Boy represents the culmination of these efforts as the intersection of man and technology. Let our partnership inspire you in the days to come.

Why is the Pip-Boy So Important?

The answer is simple: your very life may depend on it. The machine you now proudly own is a fully integrated general purpose computerized system designed especially for survival data processing applications.

Simply know that if your Overseer signals the all-clear siren, your Pip-Boy will increase your chances of survival, no matter what terrifying horror awaits in the blasted Wasteland aboveground.



Made Just For You

The advanced software functions of the Pip-Boy are both life-enhancing and life-saving, but that's not the whole story. Only the Pip-Boy has been designed from the outside in to suit the exact needs of Vault Dweller. Every element of the device form has been considered.

"Made Just For You" is a figure of speech. One size fits all.

The particular brown of the exterior shell is more than an attractive color. It is the product of scientific research to develop a specific shade meant to stand up to the projected conditions of a surface subjected to total nuclear annihilation.

The elegant surround-padded forearm cuff fits most human-sized arms. Yes, it is comfortable, but it can also absorb the shock of a bone-shattering fall with no impact on the Pip-Boy's processing functions. The same cannot be said for your limbs.

You, Your Pip-Boy, and Survival

As you read in these pages, the Pip-Boy will improve your life by integrating completely with Vault-Tec Vaults. But outside the safety and comfort of your Vault, you will find a host of unimaginable dangers. The projections of the Vault-Tec Science Service predict hazardous terrain, fractured society, and hostile mutated creatures. There the Pip-Boy will truly shine. And here's how.

The Wasteland will be a dangerous, unforgiving place. Even the most careful Vault Dweller will encounter grievous injury and radiation poisoning. Use your Pip-Boy to carefully monitor your wellbeing or you will likely perish. But it's not all doom and gloom! Your Pip-Boy will also track the growth and development of your natural abilities. To further your education on the subject, review the film series "What Makes You S.P.E.C.I.A.L." in your Vault library.

You are likely to acquire more than a few mementos of your time beyond the Vault. This is to be expected, as we are nostalgic creatures by nature. Your Pip-Boy will not only manage but also sort your collection into useful categories. It will also provide useful information on each item in your possession to help prioritize their usage.

Modern life is fast-paced. There's so much to do, who can mind it all? Pip-Boy can! You will find it easy to track your important tasks and goals right from your wrist. Check in with regular updates about your home to make sure your family — biological or otherwise — are happy as can be. And finally, review your accomplishments for a complete sense of self-value. After all, the unexamined life is not worth living.

A good map is always handy, but an electronic map powered by the Pip-Boy's machine brain is an irreplaceable boon! The Pip-Boy's deep cartographic function will automatically map the terrain and points of interest as you explore, turning every footstep into useful knowledge. When it's time to go somewhere specific, let Pip-Boy help you navigate the surface with ease.

Everyone loves a little walking around music! Your Pip-Boy is equipped with antennae to receive broadcasts from a range of frequencies. You may discover makeshift radio stations amongst what passes for Wasteland civilization, as well as lingering emergency broadcasts. Tune in for entertainment and survival information.

Meet Your Neighbors

Until now we have only hinted at the scientific projection of a post-nuclear world as acquired through documented tests. These projections outline the least frightening set of scenarios. Should the worst come to pass, your Pip-Boy will prove essential. Study the following representations for a sample of what lies ahead should you exit the Vault.

The Wasteland will be without the sturdy ethics of today's society. Folks will organize into tribes with widely varying beliefs and methods of survival. Violence will be the language of the day. Follow your own moral compass when considering how to engage. Some humans, however, will be less fortunate, succumbing to the harmful effects of radiation or exposure to experimental compounds. The results will be creatures more animal than human.

With sturdy metal shells and advanced power sources, many robots will remain operable through even a medium-sized nuclear event. While loyal servants today, it is difficult to predict if a robot's programming will mark you as a friend or foe. Even the friendliest robot may suffer from tampered programming or a damaged combat inhibitor. As such, you must approach any robot as a potential soulless killer.

Like humans, many animals will be changed by radiation, disease, and viral infection — both natural and man-made. Some new species may seem familiar. Do not mistake these for lovable wildlife you remember. The irradiated will be feral and territorial. They will also experience mutations: claws will lengthen, fangs sharpen, and poisons concentrate.

Once small creatures will stand taller than a domestic house pet and large ones will swell to even greater size. Avoid unnecessary conflict, but do not hesitate to kill any mutated fauna that pose a threat. They will not pay you the same courtesy.

Maintenance & Storage

It's easy to take care of your Pip-Boy. From time to time, dust the outside and accessible parts with a brush or dry cloth. Use a dab of Vault-Tec Approved cleaner for any persistent grit or grime. Keep track of regular maintenance on subsequent pages for easy reference.

Do not attempt to beach the outer shell. If the Pip-Boy requires advanced mechanical attention, take it to the Vault-Tec Technical Support center in your designated Vault section.

Your new Pip-Boy comes enclosed in a handsome, secure capsule that is extremely durable, yet very light in weight. It is a deluxe case in every sense of the word, featuring custom-molded, one-piece construction and an attractive finish.

But there are few instances where removal and storage of your Pip-Boy is necessary. It is waterproof, prepared to withstand the vacuum of space, and comfortable to wear during sleep. So what are you to do with your capsule?

Consider some of the suggestions below.

1. Lunchbox
2. Nightstand
3. Vermin Trap
4. Diorama