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Survival, Teamwork, Research, Discovery and Innovation. It's these five principles that the Pioneer Scouts were founded on that reflect the spirit of exploration during the founding, exploration and expansion of the United States.PIONEERBOOK: Foreward

The Pioneer Scouts are a faction in Appalachia in 2102.


The Pioneer Scouts were an association of young scouts that learned the latest techniques in safety and wilderness care from automated scout masters.[4] The cover images of the Scouts' Life magazines depict some of the scouts and their activities in the wilderness. The scouts occasionally had fundraising activities that included "bake sales, running competitions, restoration and cleaning projects, innovation faires, and intramural competitions."[5] Their official scoutbook covered a variety of topics, including formal policies about camping[6] and meal preparation.[7]

They had their last jamboree at the Dolly Sods wilderness in October 2077, just days before bombs dropped.[8] They had also planned to use the Middle Mountain Cabins for a costume contest, but that event had to be cancelled.[9]


Pioneer Scouts once accepted children into their ranks. With their numbers dwindling, they started to accept even adults as members.

Every novice member of Pioneer Scouts starts off as the Tadpole. By completing tasks, the Pioneer Scout advances by obtaining Tadpole badges and Possum badges (which can be used as currency at the Tadpole vending machines and Possum vending machines), and grows up in rank. The highest rank the Pioneer Scout can achieve is the Possum, and they are equipped with their own backpacks.


  • Tadpoles - The recruits of the Pioneer Scouts.
  • Possums - Experienced members of the Pioneer Scouts, who display their most treasured values.
  • Squirrels - <this division is not in game but the C.A.M.P. shows a currently uncraftable Squirrels Banner that requires a plan to build>


The Pioneer Scouts appear in Fallout 76 and its add-on Wild Appalachia.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The Pioneer Scouts seem to be based heavily upon the Boy Scouts of America.
  • The possum is an animal found natively in Australia and New Guinea, while the opossum is a distinct and unrelated animal found natively in the Americas. The similarity in their names cause them to be frequently confused.


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