Pinelli's Bakery is a part of the General Atomics Galleria.


The bakery was originally intended to be part of the General Atomics Galleria representation of a commercial district run entirely by robots. It can be found with two robots operating inside (Torte and Crisp where Crisp will continuously ask for numbers from customers which is a futile effort). Around the shop and even in the shelter outside the front door, are Bakery tickets with service numbers on them ranging from 22 to 84 but none of which that match Crisp's 12 through 20 range.


Pinelli's Bakery is located between Slocum's Joe and General Atomics Outlet. The bakery includes two rooms. A public area with a counter (with registers), waiting seat (with a male skeleton), and shelves where Crisp is located, as well as a backroom kitchen which is locked and includes the chef robot, Torte. Outside the bakery's front door stands a Pulowski Preservation shelter with a female skeleton inside.

Notable lootEdit


The General Atomics Galleria only appears in Fallout 4.


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