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Pine Ravines pathway is an unmarked location in the Mojave Wasteland.


A bighorner trail that branches off of Nevada 157, weaves through the dense wilderness, and ends at Ranger Station Foxtrot to the southeast. Several giant mantises call the pathway their home.[1][2][3]


Pine Ravines pathway appears in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes

Pine Ravines pathway is based on the real world Pine Ravines trail within the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.



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    A Bighorner pathway through the pine ravines in this area ends at Ranger Station Foxtrot. This helps you find your way in this wilderness."
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    This ravine pathway allows access between the Pine Ravines and Red Rock Canyon [1.15] to the southeast. Beware of multiple Cazador nests."
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    The northwestern end of Highway 95 cuts through the tip of this zone, and there’s a rough road along the northern edge where farmers long abandoned their livelihoods to Raiders or worse. Generally, the main roads are now nothing more than trails: 157 winds into the Pine Ravines and mountainous region leading to Jacobstown."