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Pillars of Transcendence is a holotape in Fallout 76.


The tape can be found at the Palace of the Winding Path, on the holotape duplication terminal during Key to the Past.


Guided Meditation: Pleasant greetings, friend. Thank you for your purchase of our take-home meditation session. This recorded meditation will guide you on a spiritual journey towards transcendence. We will begin shortly. Take a moment to appreciate your surroundings. And remember, your generous donations make this spiritual journey possible. Are you ready? Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Inhale 2... 3... Hold 2... 3... Exhale 2... 3... 4.... Good. And repeat. Imagine your path to enlightenment as three transcendent pillars, rising towards the sky. Now, imagine orbs of sublime energy around you. Reach out and gather them. Bring them to your pillars. This is how we will attain transcendence.

As you build your Pillars of Transcendence, you may find yourself surrounded by Discordant Forces that seek to hinder your spiritual enlightenment. Banish them using whatever positive affirmations you wish, and do not let them tear down your pillars. You are strong. You can overcome this and any other negativity.

Sometimes, the Discordant Forces prove to be too difficult to keep out and your Pillars of Transcendence may falter. Take solace, for the Holistic Light shines bright when you need it the most. Bathe in its glow until you feel it reinvigorate your pillars.

Now that you have everything visualized, I will begin a series of positive affirmations while you act to achieve Transcendence.

Maintain a sense of tranquility. Push aside any internal strife. It's important to transcend your physical boundaries while at peace with yourself.

Your existence on this world is merely temporary, the Palace of the Winding Path will help you ascend beyond that limitation.

Free your mind from all distractions and worries. Focus on the Pillars of Transcendence. Focus on keeping out the discordant forces.

Gather that sublime energy and let it flow into the pillars. Let the warmth it provides guide your spirit toward a new plane of existence beyond the physical.

Empty your mind of all your troubles. Leave them behind you as you ascend to your new spiritual existence.

Discordant forces may leave lasting physical harm if you let them damage your spiritual self. Discordant forces may also be drawn in by spiritual incense, seeking its blissful embrace.

Believe in yourself. Believe in the powers of others like you. You can attain enlightenment together and reap the rewards of a higher state of consciousness.

Peer at yourself through the lens of your mind's eye. See yourself as others see you. Examine yourself from a short distance at all angles. You may find you gain a new perspective on life.

You're feeling so relaxed right now.

Feel the sublime energy surround you. Embrace it, feed it into your pillars, and allow it to lead you along your path to transcendental bliss.

The outside world has no meaning while you focus on your inner self.

Imagine you are floating along in a cloud of pure emotional bliss. If the cloud is mauve colored, chant a calming phrase until it is not.

Discordant Forces form in response to our fears, doubts, and insecurities. Gather your courage and confront them head-on.

Feel the warm relaxing energy flow into your body. You can feel it flow into your arms. Into your legs. Into your fingers and toes. This sensation brings with it a wave of tranquility and deep relaxation.

The light in your mind, body, and soul grows as you build the pillars of Transcendence. Open your heart to it and feel its peaceful embrace.

You feel as if you are one with nature, with the universe, with everything.

Only through complete transcendence, will you attain true enlightenment and exceed your physical bounds.

After you transcend, it is completely normal to feel a need to abandon your material wealth. Seek one of our gurus if you wish for help with that.

Breathe in deeply through your nose... hold it... and let it out through your mouth.

Your transcendental journey may be long, but patience is key to spiritual well-being. Be sure to book your next stay with us now and save ten percent off a future spiritual aura cleansing In-game spelling

This concludes our Guided Meditation session.