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Pierre LaPoubelle is the chief engineer of the three former Brotherhood of Steel scribes in the Hoover Dam Engineering Facility in 2253.


Pierre LaPoubelle was born in 2201. He is a former scribe from Maxson bunker, along with his other scribe colleagues. He came to Hoover out of frustration with the direction the BoS were going and wanted to lend his services to the growing community of Hoover Dam, despite the fact the government was NCR based. It is due in large part to Governor Dodge's fair-handed and peace-seeking ways of ruling that Pierre and others stayed in Hoover Dam and volunteered their services. However, neither of the former scribes told the truth about where they came from because they did not want to jeopardize the lives of their remaining friends at Maxson Bunker.

Pierre is a strong and hearty looking man in his early fifties. He is very smart and loves to dive wholly into his work. He is currently working on creating stronger and heartier wheat and corn that can grow in the wasteland's hard and dry soil. Also, he is working closely with Otto Steed to try and find a better water filtration process to turn the non-drinkable irrigation water into a fully drinkable version.[1]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character starts quests.

Give filtration schematics to former BOS scribes for better water purification process


  • Give filtration schematics to former BOS scribes for better water purification process - Pierre has been tasked with creating a better filtration process to make the irrigation water drinkable. He'll ask the player if he sees anything in the wasteland that could help, he would appreciate the feedback. He'll suggest the player go to Jericho since that is where they get most of their drinking water from. The player can then go to Jericho, do his thing there and hopefully get some filtration schematics out of it. Coming back to Hoover, the player can do one of two things, depending on his skills: The first is if the player has really good mechanics skills, they player may then install the upgrades to the filtration process and earn the hooplas of Pierre, along with an advanced toolset (or whatever the best toolset is in the game). The second option is to just give the schematics to Pierre and let him deal with it. He'll get the upgrades in, but the player will have to be content with the XP, a regular tool, and Pierre just being a bit friendlier. Who knows, maybe he'll divulge the whereabouts of Maxson Bunker?[1]


His last name means "the trash" or "the bin" in French.


Pierre LaPoubelle was to appear only in Van Buren, the canceled Fallout 3 by Black Isle Studios.

Behind the scenes

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Hero’s image is a reference to the character Roy Batty from the film Blade Runner.

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