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For information about pickpocketing in Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics, see Steal.
For pickpocketing in Fallout 3, see Sneak (skill).


Pickpocket is a perk in Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout 4 and Fallout Tactics.

Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics

You are much more adept at stealing than the normal crook. You can Steal with the best of them, because with this perk, you ignore size and facing modifiers, when stealing from a person.


Fallout actually requires 80% Sneak, not Steal. This may be a bug, or the manual is incorrect.

Fallout 4

You have quick hands and sticky fingers, and for those favoring a stealthy method of foe disposal (or gathering items such as keys from folks without resorting to gunplay or fast-talking), this is a fine perk to take. Remember Rank 2 is the only way you're able to drop in a live grenade as a special present, and only if your adversaries haven't seen you.Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide description
Rank Requirements Description Base ID
1 PER 1, LVL Your quick hands and sticky fingers make picking pockets 25% easier. 0004D88A
2 PER 1, LVL 6 Picking pockets is now 50% easier. You can place a live grenade in a person's inventory. 000E3702
3 PER 1, LVL 17 Picking pockets is now 75% easier, and you can steal equipped weapons. 000E3703
4 PER 1, LVL 31 Picking pockets is now twice as easy, and you can steal equipped items. 001D248F


  • Increasing the Perception stat can increase your chance at a successful use of Pickpocket by approximately 2% per point. Heavier objects, such as most heavy armor pieces, incur a major penalty to your chances.
    • The heaviest equipped objects, notably the minigun and its energy variant, may not be pickpocketed as their weight reduces the chance to zero.
  • The maximum chance to pickpocket any object in Fallout 4 is 90%, regardless of any other perks, bonuses, or item weight modifiers.
  • Pickpocketing the fusion core from someone wearing power armor will cause them to exit the power armor.
  • In order to pickpocket equipped items, the player must be hidden from the target.
  • Uniforms and outfits can be "farmed" via Rank 4. So long as the target is stripped of all worn clothing (including armor), they will reset their outfit when the player re-enters the cell.
  • The game allows you to steal a synth uniform from certain synth NPCs in the Institute so long as they are not walking, such as when they are sweeping or acting as a merchant. These uniforms may be otherwise unobtainable even if the synth is killed.
  • The Rank 4 description of the Pickpocket perk can be deceiving: "twice as easy" means a 40% chance to steal with no rank is now 80%, it does not multiply from previous ranks.
  • All NPCs will turn hostile if they catch you pickpocketing them. This is also true for companions even if they have maximum affinity, and/or have been romanced
  • Equipped weapons can be pickpocketed prior to rank 3 by a two-step process. First pickpocket all of the ammunition type for the equipped weapon. This will cause the weapon to be unequipped by the NPC. On subsequent pickpocketing attempts the now-unequipped weapon will be available to steal.
  • Placing items:
    • Any normal item type can be placed onto the victim, at any rank, with the same chance of success as for stealing the item.
    • Placing items carries exactly the same risks as stealing them, in that the NPC will turn hostile if they detect the activity. This is true even when placing beneficial items like Stimpaks or ammunition in their inventory.
    • Placing items by pickpocketing is the only way to transfer items to NPCs who are are not allied settlers or companions. Whether the NPC will equip or use the items transferred is dependent on their AI package.
    • Rank 2 adds the ability to place grenades in the live state rather than place inactive grenades.
      • Only the first grenade placed per reverse pickpocketing session will be in the live state. All other grenades placed will be non-live.
      • Vertibird signal grenades can be placed. They will ignite but the detonation itself will not cause the recipient to become hostile.
      • Artillery smoke grenades can be placed, causing the artillery (if in range) to fire at the coordinates where the recipient was when the smoke grenade detonated. The smoke grenade detonation itself will not cause the NPC to become hostile.
      • Transferring grenades to allies is not viable above rank 1, as the first grenade transferred will go live and explode. The ally will either be dead or become hostile.

Fallout: The Roleplaying Game

At rank 1, may ignore the first complication you roll when you make an Agility + Sneak test to steal an object from someone else’s person or to plant something on them. At rank 2, can re-roll 1d20 in your dice pool when attempting to pick someone’s pocket. At rank 3, reduce the difficulty of attempts to pick someone’s pocket by 1.

Each time you take this perk, the level requirement increases by 3.

Pickin' Pockets

Stealing an item carried by someone else, or secreting an item upon their person, is a surprisingly valuable survival trick in the wasteland, and it’s useful to have some sense of how easy or difficult a given theft is likely to be.

Picking pockets is an AGI + Sneak test, with a base difficulty of 1. Success allows you to take an item weighing 1lb or less from another character’s pockets, belt pouches, etc., or to place an item of that size into a pocket, etc., without being detected. Failure means your attempt was noticed.

If the item you’re stealing/planting weighs more than 1 lb., then the difficulty increases by 1. If it weighs more than 10 lbs., then the difficulty increases by 2 instead. Similarly, especially talented pickpockets can remove small items a person is wearing—such as stealing a wristwatch during a handshake—this test is also at +1 difficulty.

Picking pockets can become an opposed test if the target is wary or suspicious.[1]