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Pick-me-up stations are settlement objects in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World. They require Wasteland Warlord rank 1 to build.


Each station requires 2 power and will generate 20 happiness for the raider settlement. Once per game day chems (Buffout, Jet and Psycho) are deposited in the station in the approximate ratio of 1 Buffout, 2 Jet and 2 Psycho every 5 days.

Like the Tribute chest, Pick-me-up stations will stop adding new items when the settlement they are in is visited by the Sole Survivor (however see Bugs). There appears to be no limit to the number of items a Pick-me-up station will accumulate, allowing for the settlement not being visited (tested up to over 170 items).

That is, if a machine is built at a settlement and then that settlement is not visited by the Sole Survivor for x number of game days, there should be x number of items in every machine at that settlement. If the settlement is visited and the machines are not emptied, no more items will be added until they are emptied. Therefore in order to maximise returns from Pick-me-up stations they should always be emptied on every visit to the settlement containing them.

The number of Pick-me-up stations that can be created at any settlement is limited only by space (they are larger than e.g. Nuka-Cola machines) and available resources / power. Every machine in a settlement will accumulate the same number of items in the same time period, however the actual number of Buffout, Jet and Psycho will vary from machine to machine in approximately the ratio described above.

If a station exists in a raider settlement that is later retaken for settlers, the settlers will also enjoy it. However, some settlers will neglect their assignments and continually use chems at the station. This does not affect e.g. the amount of food produced if farmers spend their day taking chems and not actually working, and settlers assigned to trading stands can still be traded with even if they are not at their posts.


Steel (6)
Pick-me-up station (1)


  • Some companions (e.g. Nick Valentine) and traders (e.g. Lucas Miller) will sometimes make use of Pick-me-up stations when in a settlement containing them.
  • Unlike some settlement objects, Pick-me-up machines are indestructible and once created will never need to be repaired.
  • Should the player betray the Nuka-World raiders, Pick-me-up stations are among one of the many objects that can no longer be crafted. However, any Pick-me-up stations remaining will still produce chems. Scrapping or storing them will remove them completely, with no chance to place them again.
  • With the VR Workshops Creation from the Creation Club installed, the player can make an infinite amount of Pick-me-up stations without cost, allowing one to produce near limitless amounts of chems.


[platforms tag needed] Powering only one Pick-me-up Station may cause all Pick-me-up Stations in the settlement to produce chems. [verification overdue]