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Photomode is a game mode in Fallout 76 which allows players to capture images of the game without the user interface. It can be accessed by opening the map screen and pressing the relevant hotkey (default 'T' on PC). Captured photos can be viewed in-game via the Photo Gallery (accessed through the Menu).


While Photomode is active, the camera can be moved relatively freely around the player character's in-game position and the following settings can be altered as desired:


  • Frame category
    • Frame


  • Brightness
  • Saturation
  • Contrast


  • Filter
  • Texture category
    • Texture

Camera settingsEdit

  • Field of view
  • View roll
  • Depth of field
    • Strength
    • Distance
    • Range


  • Show player
  • Expression
  • Pose category
    • Pose

Poses, frames and filtersEdit

Main article: Atomic Shop/Photomode

Players start with a range of default available poses, frames, and filters. Additional ones can be unlocked via certain quests or purchased in the Atomic Shop.

Around AppalachiaEdit

Around Appalachia is a Bethesda news series that features photomode images taken by players that have been posted on social media, the official forums, or Reddit. Each edition of Around Appalachia is usually centered around a theme which was announced in the previous edition.[1]

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