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Take surveillance photos for Davenport.

Daily: Photo Opportunity is a daily quest in the Fallout 76 Wastelanders update.


This quest is given by Davenport, the Mister Handy assistant of the Vault 76 overseer. He asks the Vault 76 residents to do some reconnaissance work of the Settlers and Raiders for him, that being to take some photos and return them to him. The residents can choose either Foundation or the Crater to do recon on. Davenport will then send them to take photos of two targets in the area of that location, usually one in the settlement itself, and one nearby.

Once the photos are taken, two options are available based on the location selected: Return the photos to Davenport for a reward of caps and camera film, or take them to a representative of the opposing faction for both a reward and boost in reputation with that faction, with a follow-up report back to Davenport (having Charisma 8+ will give an option to lie to Davenport and still receive a caps reward from him). Either way, speaking with Davenport completes the quest and gives a reward of three treasury notes.

Possible locationsEdit



Quest stagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Talk to DavenportI agreed to help Davenport, the Overseer's assistant, by taking reconnaissance photos of targets around the Crater/Foundation settlement.
? Photograph Meg at The Crater
? Photograph the communications area at The Crater
? Photograph the crop fields at The Crater
? Photograph the small campsite
? Photograph Black Bear Lodge
? Photograph the Colonel Kelley Monument
? Photograph the generator at Foundation
? Photograph Paige at Foundation
? Photograph the mill saw at Foundation
? Photograph the watchtower
? Photograph the Freak Show.
? Photgraph Spruce Knob Lake from the vantage point
? Return the photos to Davenport OR take them to Kiyomi at The Crater
? Return the photos to Davenport OR take them to Ward at Foundation
? Return to Davenport


  • The quest may not trigger unless the player character has the ProSnap Deluxe camera in their inventory when approaching the overseer's home.
  • After selling the photos to either Kiyomi or Ward, one can return to Davenport and pass a Charisma 8+ check to lie that the photos were stolen, and Davenport will still offer a reward with some caps. The option is not shown in red if one lacks sufficient Charisma, after buffs and debuffs.
  • The treasury notes and scrip are always rewarded, regardless of the choices made during the quest.
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