The Phantom Device is a consumable item in Fallout 76.


The Phantom Device is a recreation of the device used by the fictional character Mistress of Mystery. Frederick Rivers built and programmed a fabricator for the Order of Mysteries to create them when provided with Stealth Boys and HalluciGen gas canisters, with advice from Kent Connolly,[1] who also suggested using the then-redesigned Veil of Secrets as a gas filter for anyone who would use it, adapting it with a multilayered asbestos liner or activated charcoal.[2]


Providing the invisibility of a Stealth Boy (30 seconds), the Phantom Device generates a cloud of HalluciGen Gas-laden smoke which frenzies nearby non-robotic creatures (15 seconds).

If the player character is wearing the Eye of Ra, then the duration of both effects is doubled.


Copper (1)
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Phantom Device (1)


The recipe can be obtained by listening to the holotape Order of Mysteries - The Phantom Device, then constructing it at Riverside Manor.


PCIcon pc Playstation 4Icon ps4 Xbox OneIcon xboxone The Phantom Device's Frenzy cloud area of effect is set to zero when wearing the Eye of Ra, making its secondary effect useless. It is set to 250 when not wearing the Eye.[verified]


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