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Un Amigo de Poseidon Energy— Petró-Chico's slogan

Petró-Chico was the arm of Poseidon Energy operating in Mexico before the Great War.[1]


The company had locations in Veracruz, Puebla, and Hidalgo,[2] as well as a refinery along the Gulf Coast.[3] Raul Tejada tells the Courier that he went by the name "Miguel" due to finding a jumpsuit bearing the name at an old Petro-Chico refinery he took up residence in after leaving Mexico City.[3] The company's slogan was "Un Amigo de Poseidon Energy," translated as "a friend of Poseidon Energy."


Petró-Chico translates to "Oil-Boy" and Petró-Chico Boy, as seen on billboards, is mentioned by Raul as he wakes up from a nightmare about the mascot.[4]


Petró-Chico is mentioned only in Fallout: New Vegas.



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    Raul Tejada: "You never heard of Petro-Chico, un Amigo de Poseidon Energy? Ah, of course not. They were an oil company in Mexico, back before the War."
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