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I doubt that. She's cute... But even if that were true... I don't know that I'm that way inclined, if you know what I mean?— Pete after being told Betty Hill may have a crush on him

Pete Myers is a part-time repairman at the traveling carnival known as Nuka-World on Tour, stationed in Appalachia.


Pete is the son of two former employees for the Nuka-Cola Corporation, and he has an older sister named Patricia.

During the Great War, the two siblings were children at the time and were hiding with Gunther Jenkins. While the children stayed inside, Gunther went to explore and became a ghoul due to the radiation.

Six years after the Great War, in 2083, the siblings lost their parents who were trying to protect them from a raider attack on the traveling carnival. Pat then took over the duty of caring for her young brother. By 2091, Pete was an adult and helped with setting up the attractions, but was still never quite over the fact that his parents had died.[1] Gunther had taught him some basic mechanic skills, although Pete learned a lot on his own and has been told he has inherited natural talent from his father.

By 2094, Pete began to suffer from depression due to his parents' deaths and having to live in a post-apocalyptic world. He was prescribed chems by Del Walsh such as Daddy-O; Del claimed Pete would be a threat to others and himself otherwise. Pat was annoyed at Del giving her brother chems, feeling it worsened his symptoms and wrote him a note to stop.[2] She once found her brother in a ditch because of it, and worried about him dying. Pat motivated her brother to try to find a different outlet instead, with Pete finding reading poetry enjoyable.[3]

When the ghoul Betty Hill joined the carnival, she developed a crush on Pete and he would tell her stories. However, Pete doubts she has a crush and he has recently begun questioning his own sexuality, unsure if he is attracted to women.

Lately, the Ultracite Titan has been lurking around the carnival, and although Pete claims he saw it, no one really believes him about the creature existing, including his own sister.

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Pete Myers appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Nuka-World on Tour update.