Personal log - 142 is a holodisk in Fallout 4. It is a personal log entry of Scribe Naceri.


The log can be found on The Prydwen's main deck. It is sitting on a night stand on the east side opposite of the outgoing mail terminal.



Scribe Naceri: Personal log, entry 142. I can sum up living on the Prydwen in four words - I miss field assignments. Don't get me wrong, the research we're doing is exciting stuff but life on this ship is a nightmare. I'm trapped in this metal tube eighteen hours a day, I still can't decide who smells worse, the soldiers or the Mole Rats...

...and what passes for conversation among the grunts makes Mutants seem scholarly. I'm going to speak to Proctor Quinlan. Field scribes cannot have it this bad.

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