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Personal log is a holotape in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.



Personal Log
Welcome back, Private TaylorIn-game spelling

Entry 1

Tired of running with the Gunners. I gotta get out of here. Sure it was all fun and exciting at first, but now that I'm older, I'm sick of always watching my back. I just want out. Maybe hole up in Goodneighbor for a while or try to get into Diamond City. Some place where I can at least sleep easy.

Entry 2

Got up today to find out the Sarge had Davis killed last night. Heard it was for some backtalk comment he made the day before which is bullshit. This is exactly why I need to get out of here. I'll have to make sure I keep this holotape close, too. Bet they'd shoot me on the spot just for thinking about leaving.

Entry 3

Going on a recon mission tomorrow, and I know there's gonna be fireworks. We've had enough Super Mutant reports to know we'll run into them. If a fight breaks out, it could be my chance to get away without question. They'll just assume I was taken and not worth recovering.

Entry 4

Hell yeah, I'm out. I holed up in some run down building on the far west side of the Commonwealth. Going to wait till it's dark to make my next move. Might even stay here a few days to see what I can salvage around here. I just gotta be sure to plot a course that avoids any Gunner territory.

Entry 5

Damn, thanks to some feral ghouls, I'm way further west than I want to be right now. Least my chance of crossing paths with any of my old crew areIn-game spelling slim. This place doesn't look half bad, though. Could set up some decent defenses here.

Shit, I just heard something. I thought this place was deserted, but sounds like someone calling for help. Guess I'll go check it out.