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Perfectly preserved pie is a consumable item in Fallout 76.


The pie's most significant difference from many other foodstuffs found throughout Appalachia is its preservative-filled nature when compared to most other pre-War foodstuffs.


The perfectly preserved pie can be obtained from any Port-A-Diner, with a small chance of dispensing. Obtaining the pie on any particular attempt is determined by the formula...

the percentage chance of obtaining the pie
the Vault Dweller's Luck
the number of previous attempts made to obtain the pie

...thus, even with a Luck of 10, there is still only a 2% chance of obtaining the pie on the first attempt.

By cumulative probabilities, a player character with Luck 5 has a 50% chance of obtaining the pie within the first 36 attempts. Luck 10 reduces that to 26 attempts, while Luck 1 doesn't reach those odds until 49 attempts. Depending on the player character's Luck, it takes between 75 and 105 attempts to reach a 95% chance of getting the pie, and 109 to 140 attempts to reach a 99.5% chance of getting the pie.


Specific Location Region Image Description
Abandoned Bog Town, Adelaide's Diner Cranberry Bog
In Adelaide's Diner, on the northern edge of town.
AMS corporate headquarters Watoga, Cranberry Bog
On the third floor in the upper level, in an eating area by some Nuka-Cola machines.
AVR Medical Center Ash Heap
From the main entrance, straight ahead to a large desk, then right, then left down a hallway. You'll see it straight ahead in the cafeteria.
Beckley Ash Heap
FO76 Beckley Port-A-Diner.jpg
Outside of the town to the North-East, in a shed by a pond.
Beckley Red Rocket & Gift Shop Ash Heap
Just inside of a gift shop in an unsigned Red Rocket station. It's a little to the east of the Beckley town fast travel point.
Bolton Greens The Forest
You'll find it in the playground in the back of the house. Through the house entrance, straight to the back, left, then right, then left and into the playground.
Braxson's Quality Medical Supplies The Mire
Next to the staircase inside the building.
Camden Park Ash Heap
Outside of the building containing the Mr. Fuzzy token redemption terminal and behind the vendor bot stall.
Charleston Capitol Building Charleston, The Forest
From the DMV Entrance, go right at desk, left through half broken door, right through double doors, straight, take a right at statue, through wide door, right before two columns, down the stairs, right, then right and see the Port-A-Diner straight ahead. It's in the Capitol Food Court in the basement.
Tattoo parlor Charleston, The Forest
Located in a destroyed tattoo parlor. From the Charleston Herald, walk southeast down the road about two blocks. It is in a small compound surrounded by barbed wire, turrets and under a red striped tent.
Cow Spots Creamery The Forest
Inside the main building. May be broken.
Dyer Chemical The Mire
Inside the center of the building with three chimneys across from a chemistry station.
Flatwoods The Forest
Inside of the Flatwoods Tavern, just across from the church.
Fort Defiance Cranberry Bog
In the kitchen on the left side of the building. It is on the lowest level, just past the two sets of double doors in the middle of the long hallway.
Garrahan Mining Headquarters Ash Heap
After entering, head down the stairs and to the right. It's just outside the kitchen.
Hemlock Holes Toxic Valley
Inside the diner.
Morgantown High School Morgantown, The Forest
At the cafeteria.
Mount Blair Trainyard Ash Heap
Mount Blair trainyard.jpg
In a small shed.
Philippi Battlefield Cemetery Toxic Valley
Fo76-Philippi Battlefield Cemetery-Port-A-Diner.png
Inside of the vistor center building, on the lowest floor.
Pleasant Valley Ski Resort Savage Divide
On the second floor, just outside of the vendor bot area.
Pleasant Valley cabins Savage Divide
Behind the destroyed Tavern nearest the Top of the World. Enter through the double doors, to the back behind the ramp. Left at open wall, then right. Walk along sidewalk. It will be between buildings and is next to a BBQ grill and dumpster.
Prickett's Fort Toxic Valley
Fo76 Pricketts Fort Port-a-Diner.png
Inside of the gift shop at the Audio Tour Station 8, at the northeast exit of the fort.
Red Rocket filling station Ash Heap
In a small shed beside the main building.
Red Rocket Megastop Savage Divide
Located in the smaller separate Red Rocket station.
RobCo Research Center The Mire
Located in a small kitchen. Main entrance, head towards elevator at back of lobby, turn left into Research Wing, go straight (no stairs) and turn right, then immediate right into a small kitchen.
The Rusty Pick Ash Heap
Upon using the main entry door, it's immediately to the right.
Site Alpha Savage Divide In the kitchen area not far from the elevator. No keycard access is required.
Site Bravo Savage Divide
In the kitchen area not far from the elevator. No keycard access is required.
Site Charlie Savage Divide In the kitchen area not far from the elevator. No keycard access is required.
Sutton The Forest
It's located in the Red Rocket Station near the center of town.
Thunder Mountain Power Plant The Mire
Double door main entrance, enter lobby. Right past the desk, up the stairs, then straight and up stairs to "Roof Access". Right at top of stairs, then right again into "Pipe Interchange", then immediate right. It's against the back wall in a break area with picnic tables.
Top of the World Savage Divide
Located on the Mezzanine Level inside Dreamboat Yachts.
Toxic dried lakebed Toxic Valley
Located inside of the Lakeside Grill diner south and slightly east of fast travel point.
Valley Galleria Axed The Mire
Enter the double doors behind a restaurant. Head straight, through the water, up the stairs and slightly to the right. It's in an open dining area in the main mall area.
Note: This port-a-diner has since been removed from the game.
Vault-Tec University West of Morgantown, The Forest
Fo76 Vaullt-tec University rooftop Port-A-Diner.png
On the rooftop of a building that is northeast of Vault-Tec University and west of Morgantown and is accessed through the university monorail track by unlocking a chainlink gate.
Watoga Civic Center Watoga, Cranberry Bog
On the top floor on the side nearest the Watoga Transit Hub.
Watoga Estates Watoga, Cranberry Bog
On the outdoor platform bar area.
Watoga High School Watoga, Cranberry Bog
Main entry, straight back past Lion into dining hall, right then left into Cafeteria, it's on other side of wall from Eat-o-tronic.
Watoga Shopping Plaza Watoga, Cranberry Bog
Inside Slocum Joe's behind Super Duper Mart.
WV Lumber Co. The Forest
Added as part of Wastelanders. Interior of main building, upper floor.