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I don't trust anything that looks that perfectly preserved after 200 years.Mel

The perfectly preserved pie is a consumable item in Fallout 4.


The pie's most significant difference from many other foodstuffs found throughout the wasteland is its preservative-filled nature, lacking any radiation when compared to most other pre-War foodstuffs.


The perfectly preserved pie can be obtained from any Port-A-Diner, with a small chance of dispensing. Obtaining the pie on any particular attempt is determined by the formula...

chance: the percentage chance of obtaining the pie
luck: the Sole Survivor's Luck, even if the Port-A-Diner is operated by a companion
attempts: the number of previous attempts made to obtain the pie
...thus, even with a Luck of 10, there is still only a 2% chance of obtaining the pie on the first attempt.

By cumulative probabilities, a Sole Survivor with Luck 5 has a 50% chance of obtaining the pie within the first 36 attempts. Luck 10 reduces that to 26 attempts, while Luck 1 doesn't reach those odds until 49 attempts.

Depending on the Sole Survivor's Luck, it takes between 75 and 105 attempts to reach a 95% chance of getting the pie, and 109 to 140 attempts to reach a 99.5% chance of getting the pie.


Perfectly preserved pie locations

Port-A-Diner locations

Specific Location Region Image Description
C.I.T. ruins Cambridge In the third floor kitchen area. West side of Rotunda.
Dugout Inn Diamond City
PortaDiner Dugout Inn.png
Inside the door and to the right (the pie must be stolen).
Super Duper Mart Lexington
FO4 Port a diner Super Duper Mart.jpg
Patio outside to the left. Patio is between the garage and Super Duper Mart.
Dartmouth Professional Building Back Bay Inside the building to the right.
Graygarden The Commonwealth Head southeast down the hill towards the river. It's in the center of a circle of Pulowski Preservation shelter.
Massachusetts State House Boston Common Relatively at the end of the Raiders section.
USS Constitution Charlestown In the corner of the boardwalk in front of the USS Constitution.
Fallon's department store West Roxbury
FO4 PPP Fallons.jpg
Inside the east entrance.
Mean Pastries North End Inside next to a door.
Hub 360 Theater District On the ground floor.
Malden Middle School Malden West of Malden Middle School located on a patio
Fort Strong The Commonwealth On a boat with a Nuka-Cola machine seen from Fort Strong to the southeast.
Drumlin Diner The Commonwealth On a flatbed truck with a green shipping container opposite the diner.
Medford Memorial Hospital Malden On the ground floor, in the cafeteria area.
Mass Bay Medical Center South Boston Ground floor kitchen area near the south entrance.
The Dig Goodneighbor In the section with the trains, near a fragile wall.
Far Harbor (add-on) Eden Meadows Cinemas The Island In the small diner between the two screens.
Nuka-World (add-on) Nuka-World junkyard Nuka-World In a large warehouse, next to a fusion generator.
Nuka-World (add-on) Nuka-station Nuka-World
FO4NW PPP South Transit Station.jpg
In the southernmost house in the town just south of the Nuka-station.
Nuka-World (add-on) Nuka-Town USA Nuka-World To the right after exiting the Cola-Cars Arena, before the Nuka-Town Market.


  • During the quest The Big Dig, Mel will comment on the pie upon encountering the Port-A-Diner located in The Dig, saying that he would not trust anything that has been perfectly preserved for 200 years.
  • In Survival mode, the pie has no food value, owing to a data keyword bug.
  • Nuka-World (add-on) There is a machine located in the Nuka-World junkyard that will always give the pie on the first attempt.


Xbox OneXbox One The Port-A-Diner in Medford Memorial Hospital will not dispense the pie; the animation shows the pie being delivered but the machine remains empty, and the pie will no longer be visible. [verified]