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This is a transcript for dialogue with Elder Pepper.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00743E74 00743E83 Password?
2 0075DD71 How dare you come in here interrupting our ritual and killing my little mothlings!
3 007665DF You either have a password or you better get a move on.
4 007665E0 Hey! I don't remember your face?!
5 007665E1 Right! I got my equipment together.
6 Let me see how you did in placing the part...
7 007665E3 Huh? Oh, good day! My name is Bry... eh Blair! My name is Blair. Blairs real name is Bryan. He is still getting used to being Blair.
8 I'm still a bit new around here - who are you?
9 007665E4 What's with all the flutter?
10 007665E5 Hello again fellow... believer. Follower of the winged one.
11 007665E6 Hail the holy moly. The holy Mothman.
12 007665E8 Hey! I don't think I've met you yet?! Odd. I thought I knew all our believers...?
13 Anyway, I'm Scarlet and you are?
14 007665E9 Ah! Eager to learn more? Good!
15 007665EA Have you finished your prayers already?
16 007665EB Hello again.
17 00766A90 You are back! Good.
18 I trust you have taken care of everything and I can send my men out to get Cassidy?
19 00743E77 00743E7F *Chuckles* Do you think I got into my position because I said "please" ?
20 00743E79 00743E7E I don't believe in magic. And your little spell didn't work, so guess you just proved me right.
21 00743E7B 00743E80 Well if he is, he better know the password.
22 0075DD69 0075DD6E If I were you I wouldn't challenge me.
23 I've got nothing left to lose. Trust me when I advise that you do not fuck with me.
24 You better think of your next words wisely. Why are you here?
25 0075DD6B 0075DD72 And why would I do that?
26 00766533 00766A81 I am glad you can see that. Now if you could just make Audrey see it, too, that'd be fantastic.
27 Back to my previous question though: Can I send my rescue team out? Is my Cassie safe?
28 00766534 00766A89 You get used to it.
29 0076653A 00766A7B Fantastic!
30 Oh I wish I was there to see it! You know in a more figurative sense...
31 0076653B 00766A84 Oh that? Clever right?! Hugo is pleased with himself
32 I had some of my engineers develop the mechanism years ago! I knew it would come in handy at some point.
33 And what a lucky coincidence that I held on to that book, too.
34 I take it was a success then? Alex is dead?
35 0076653C 00766A92 Fantastic! I knew you had that kind of fire in you. A good hitman pays well, you know.
36 0076653D 00766A83 Sometimes you have to make difficult decisions in business. But I don't expect you to understand.
37 Neither did Alex. Always twisting reality. Playing the victim.
38 You don't believe that manipulative schemer, do you?
39 0076653E 00766A8F Enough of this nonsense. I have done what I needed to to ensure the safety and survival of my family.
40 You may choose to believe whatever fairy tale villain-esc interpretation of my actions you want, but I regret nothing. Fuming, but not outright yelling
41 The only thing I want to hear from you now is whether or not I can send a team to retrieve my Cassie.
42 0076653F 00766A8E So dramatic. Please, it was a necessary move and you will be paid in kind for your involvement in it.
43 00766540 00766A8B How could you be so naive? Didn't you realize my Father would stop at nothing to see her dead? Murder is nothing to him, it's a short cut.
44 You hear me father, that's all you are - a bloodthirsty murderer.
45 I mean what is Alex's life to you? Just a little bit more blood on your hands.
46 Shouldn't make much of a difference, right? Whatever it takes to get your way. You're a psychopath.
47 00766542 00766A8C You're unbelievable. You just couldn't let it go, could you? The only solution you have is to just kill, and kill.
48 I can't believe I came up here to try and talk this through, to try to make you see some reason. But I seem to have forgotten how... efficient you are.
49 After all these years of not knowing if she was still alive, I had a tiny spark of hope that I could see her again... and now she's gone. For good.
50 And there is no one else to blame but you. Both of you.
51 00766543 00766A80 Ah, well thank you! I knew you would understand that sometimes drastic measures must be taken.
52 00766544 00766A8D With that matter settled, I'll notify a team to conduct a rescue effort to bring Cassidy home. I am truly grateful, my friend.
53 00766545 00766A85 Of that I am certain.
54 00766546 00766A7C Audrey, hang on, you still don't understand!
55 Alex kidnapped your mother!
56 Err... No talking sense into that one... She always just runs away...
57 00766547 00766A7D For a moment I really thought you were one of the good ones.
58 But no, you're no different. Just taking orders from my mad father and killing innocent people.
59 You're both just heartless murderers.
60 00766548 00766A87 No, she's not. Every word of it is true. If only she could see why none of that is a problem. It's just the way of the world.
61 0076654A 00743E84 *grumbles* You may pass.
62 0075DD6F Rargh! You can sure try! Like a scream going into combat/war
63 007665DA Knew I could count on you.
64 Now you better get going. I will deal with Audrey. Meet me back in the Atrium when it's safe to get my dear Cassie.
65 I will send out some people to transport her back safely once you've completed your mission.
66 007665DB I must get word to the rescue team. Bis später.
67 0076AB2C Hey, any further and I start killin'.
68 0076654B 007665A8 I agree.
69 0076654F 007665B9 For some of them, it's just a matter of saying the right thing. Mothman showed me this, Mothman showed me that... Next thing you know, I'm a prophet.
70 The rest...? Well, we share a common interest. They're my wolves hiding in moths clothing. We have one goal: get back at Hugo.
71 Do you know what that bastard did to these people? How he used them? Stole their homes? Left them for dead?
72 00766553 007665EE Audrey was the only one who ever got me.
73 Ran into each other in a bookstore, in the before times. That nerd. God I miss her.
74 Her dad hated us being together. Thought I was a bad influence on her.
75 Maybe I thought he was a capitalist pig.
76 The family business was everything to him. Anything that stood in his way had to be... eliminated.
77 I guess I stood in the way.
78 00766555 007665C3 Hugo caught wind that I was still in contact with Audrey after they moved to Shenandoah. He sent a goon to kill me. Keep me away.
79 The bombs fell as I was being attacked. Probably the only reason I managed to escape.
80 I was out in the woods by myself. Barely alive, getting my strength back. Until this lot found me and made me their leader. Lucky me!
81 They've turned out to be a great help to make my revenge against Hugo a reality.
82 I'm not alone in that. Many here want to see Hugo suffer.. and I won't let you get in the way of that.
83 00766557 007665AA Of course it was a trap. Let me guess, Hugo's doing, right?
84 Well it don't matter no more... He got what he wanted.
85 If you see Audrey, will you tell her I never stopped loving her?
86 00766558 007665C7 Wait hang on...is this?
87 No can't be! This book, I gave it to Audrey, way back...
88 Maybe you're on to something after all... if this thing is the real deal that is.
89 0076655B 007665CA I doubt Audrey would even know I'm still alive...
90 Our love has no chance anymore.
91 Too much has happened. Too much has changed. Including myself.
92 0076655D 007665B0 Hugo sent a what? Yeah, right.
93 He cannot be trusted and you're a fool to listen to him.
94 It's not too late to change sides you know, why not join up with me?
95 0076655F 007665CD What a weird time to ask questions. I guess we can spare a few seconds.
96 I like to get to know my victims a little anyway.
97 00766561 007665B2 That pig can get lost. Soon he'll know the pain I felt when he took Audrey away.
98 00766563 007665D1 That's not gonna happen. And if you interfere with our ritual, we'll make you our next sacrifice.
99 00766565 007665B6 Watch your mouth, or I'll make you our next sacrifice, you hear me?!
100 00766567 007665D5 I like you, new blood.
101 I'm sorry I can't help you with the password, but you might find something that could help around Alex's room.
102 00766569 007665BA As you were.
103 0076656B 007665D8 Err... is he playing all important again?
104 If I did, I'd tell you, but he won't tell me again either since I told a few others last time.
105 He gets on my nerves.
106 He keeps spreading his novice interpretations. But I can't spread the password?!
107 The word of the Mothman is as clear as is the light that shall consume us.
108 Unlike his passwords, which are very unclear.
109 0076656D 007665BD What a stupid question. She is our leader, you fool!
110 I almost envy her. She has been chosen by the great Mothman. Oh how I wish I was chosen.
111 No, Scarlet, envy is an ugly thing. No place for envy amongst believers.
112 The Mothman shall receive all us believers equally and consume us with the light.
113 0076656F 007665DD Holy Mothman. Holy. And he has been guiding my path for quite some time now.
114 But Alex has been a true prophet. We are all so excited for the big ritual. Enthusiastic
115 We are so close to being consumed by the light. She is looking forward to this.
116 00766571 007665D6 Suit yourself.
117 Not like I got anything else to do in these dark tunnels anyway.
118 00766573 007665BB Well presumably for the same reason you are? Aren't all the non-believers here for the same thing? Said quieter for no one to overhear
119 To get back at Hugo for going back on the deal, and just generally being total filth. Said quieter for no one to overhear
120 He screwed us over... Big time. Made promises that upended our lives, and put all us at risk.
121 It's about time he gets what he deserves. I'm sure whatever he did to you makes you feel the same.
122 00766575 007665D9 Shh! Don't let them hear you say that! Said quieter for no one to overhear
123 You can't put our disguise at risk, not now that we are so close to completing our vengeance. Said quieter for no one to overhear
124 00766577 007665BE Ah. Me too.
125 Good... err... praying's!
126 00766579 007665DE How dare you putting my faith in question!
127 Wait... either? You're one of us! He says this a littler quieter for no one to overhear.
128 Oh thank Go- I mean, um thank the Mothman.
129 0076657B 007665C1 Yep. All ready for the big sacrifice.
130 Just sitting.. in the dark... waiting for the light to consume us.
131 0076657D 007665A7 Truly an inspiration.
132 We shall follow her lead. She's on to something big. Bigger than anyone here realizes.
133 Make sure you do what she requests for this ritual.
134 0076657F 007665C4 Hope you don't waste my time again when you come back.
135 00766581 007665AB What do you mean you don't know who I am?
136 I am Pepper, and you better not make me an enemy. I am a good ally to have.
137 00766583 007665C8 Well.. no.
138 Maybe... Audrey has a point with that whole happiness thing...
139 And maybe you have a point about that whole violence thing...
140 Anyway! Can we focus on getting my wife back safely.
141 00766585 0077E970 intentionally blank
142 00766587 007665CB We can't say for certain... but the gun I hired never returned so it's possible she survived.
143 And let's say that "joining a cult" isn't outside the realm of possibilities when it came to her... eccentricities.
144 But, even if it isn't the same Alex, whoever has kidnapped my wife deserves to die.
145 00766589 007665CE Disguise! Don't become one of them ...
146 But yes that is the brief in a nutshell.
147 0076658B 007665B3 Preferably. Yes.
148 Err. *Pause* But... I guess you're right. It only led to more chaos hasn't it?
149 I guess you could try and talk some reason into her? I do have this book you could use it as a peace offering from me? The book is trap to kill Alex. The player wont find out about this until later. Hugo tricks the player into taking it, well knowing what he is doing.
150 I took it off Audrey. It appears to have been a gift from Alex. I thought it best to remove anything that might rouse up sentimental feelings.
151 You know the sorts. Silly young romances. Anyway, I think this could be enough to... persuade her and invite her into this family.
152 Yes. If that's the price I have to pay to get Cassidy back alive, then I guess I will come to terms with Alex being in our lifes.
153 0076658D 007665B7 No... not gone like that.
154 She's not in her room. Someone has taken her.
155 They've left a note, Oberlin read it out to me. Some gibberish about a Mothman.
156 0076658E 007665C6 What do you mean gone? I thought she was in a stable condition?
157 0076658F 007665AC Audrey? Audrey! Hugo is in a panic but relieved when he finds his Daughter
158 I thought I heard your voice in here. Oh! And our new friend is with you! Good we might need you.
159 We have an emergency... your mother... she's gone!
160 00766590 007665C9 Mhh... Passable. You forgot to hook up a few of the connectors, but a solid attempt for a first timer at weather machine repair.
161 All that's left now is to get a scan of my mother's eyes.
162 She is the only one in this Vault authorized to override security checks when we reboot it.
163 00766592 007665AF
164 00766594 007665CC
165 00766595 007665B1 Didn't you say they were connected to an Alex?
166 So... if this Alex is connected to these cultists... and the cultists kidnapped my mother?
167 Could it really be her?
168 But why would she take mom?
169 00766596 007665D0 Alex? In a cult? No... that can't be. I took care of her. Hugo says this to himself, almost more as a whisper.
170 00766597 007665B5 What did you just say? Angry disbelief. Audrey confronts her father.
171 00766598 007665D4 Hm? N-Nothing my dear. I misspoke.
172 00766599 007665B8 No, no. You definitely said "I took care of her".
173 Want to elaborate on how you took care of her, Father ?!
174 0076659A 007665D7 *Sighs* Okay... look... I didn't intend for you to find out but...
175 She was a risk to your future and that of our family business! I had to ensure you would stay here with us.
176 I only did what I had to do.
177 0076659B 007665BC Why am I not surprised. I had a feeling you were behind her disappearance.
178 How was your own daughters happiness ever a risk?
179 Every single bit of my life has always been dictated by you, and I have been miserable for all of it.
180 0076659C 007665DC Now now... That's not true! You've always loved all this tinkering and such!
181 All I did was make sure you were safe and would focus on what's important. The family business.
182 And look around, look how well it has worked out. This machine you've helped build and maintain... it's a true masterpiece!
183 0076659D 007665BF Are you delusional?! Look at us! Look at those mad Lost running around? Mom is in a coma for god's sake!
184 How has any of that "worked out well"?
185 I cannot reason with the unreasonable. I need some air to process this. This is directed to the player
186 0076659E 007665ED She'll come to her senses. She's always a flair for the the dramatic. Takes after her Father, I suppose.
187 We have more important business to discuss, anyway. We need my wife back. Pronto.
188 And you've more than proven yourself capable of the task. So, please, I could use your assistance.
189 007665A0 007665C2 Wunderbar!
190 Getting this machine repaired is in everybodies best interest.
191 Now the note left behind mentions something about an old abandoned mine.
192 I remember there was only one within the park. Nearly purchased it at one point for some... actually that's not important.
193 Try and blend in as one of the cultists, I fear they may harm Cassidy if they spot an intruder.
194 Find where they are keeping her and get rid of Alex. I expect you to do a better job than the last person I sent to deal with her.
195 007665A2 007665A9 We don't have time to get into this.
196 She was a bad influence on my daughter. A threat to the family business.
197 I had to protect the business, and most importantly Audrey, from her communist ideas.
198 Now can we focus on the real issue at hand please, and take care of Alex?
199 007665A4 007665B4 As much as I'd like to trust Audrey, I had to make sure she wouldn't turn against me.
200 Cassidy had to authorize any major changes or security checks, to make sure Audrey is keeping on the right track.
201 Thinking of it, it may have not been the best idea to only have one person authorized to do all this.
202 Well, it's done now so you better get going before they kill her.
203 007665A6 007665D3 Oh that stupid letter is what got us all into this situation in the first place!
204 I should be telling you off for putting your nose in what's none of your business.
205 But I think we have long passed that point.
206 Cassidy and I were shocked to read the note. Such vulgar language. To think she is well read is beyond me.
207 But enough of that. Back to your assignment!
208 0076AB06 0076AB25 The history of this park ain't so simple. We still had homes here, even after the lines were all drawn up.
209 But when that snake slithered his way in here, our rickety old homes stood in the way of his grand scheme. And a spot for his mega-mansion.
210 We told him no money could ever buy our land, so he offered something else... Safety. Security. A spot in his fancy Vault.
211 He said he couldn't make a contract, though. It'd contain too much sensitive, top secret information. Handshakes only.
212 That slimy bastard shook each of our hands, grinning from ear to ear. We cleared out so his crew could move in.
213 When the bombs started dropping, we all rushed back to the park. Their security was waiting on us... We never even stepped a foot on Shenandoah dirt.
214 The bastard said everything we wanted to hear to take our homes, and then left us for dead.
215 0076AB08 0076AB2D Whatever. I don't need to know why you're here. Just keep quite about the non-believer stuff, all right?
216 0076AB0A 0076AB26 There's so much about that man, that family, that you barely understand. Allow me to enlighten you.
217 0076AB0C 0076AB20 Not to the cultists, moron. To innocent people. Before the bombs.
218 0076AB0D 0076AB27 There was a small town still in this park when Hugo arrived. Right where he wanted to build his precious Vault.
219 When they refused a buy-out, he offered them all a safe spot when the bombs dropped. They accepted.
220 If you know Hugo, it shouldn't surprise you that he went back on that deal. He left them all for dead. Scared them off, and kept the land.
221 He is a parasite. Sucking dry the innocent. Making no compromises that stand in the way of his vision.
222 0076AB0F 0076AB21 Maybe now you understand who you're working for. Why I can't let you take my prisoner away.
223 0076AB11 0076AB28 Typical. Now I see why you've been sent here. Just another crony on a job, hoping to get a pat on the head from daddy Hugo.
224 You're pathetic.
225 0076AB13 0076AB22 It doesn't take much time around the Stolz's before this story starts to make perfect sense. Hugo feeds off the vulnerable. Always has.
226 0076AB15 0076AB29 I am sure she would understand. But also look at me. Look what I've become. She would never take me back anyway.
227 0076AB17 0076AB23 Stop. Talking.
228 0076AB19 007665C0 That's really easy. Surprised you couldn't figure that one out yourself. If I can't have Audrey, then Hugo can't have Cassidy.
229 Getting her was simple. Just convince some of our Ghoul members that the Mothman has spoken. He demands a special sacrifice.
230 Got them dolled-up in some clean 63 jumpsuits and had them sneak in during the night. Good thing that door in the basement is wide open.
231 Now they're all abuzz about a super special ritual, waiting for my next move. But I still haven't picked out the right tool for the job yet.
232 0076AB1B 0076AB2A Yes. Can you say the same?
233 00781FEE 00782BA5 You hear me father, that's all you are - a bloodthirsty murderer.
234 I mean what is Alex's life to you? Just a little bit more blood on your hands.
235 Shouldn't make much of a difference, right? Whatever it takes to get your way. You're a psychopath.