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Peoria is the fourth or fifth mission in Fallout Tactics.


Outside the village walls to the northwest, two dead raiders can be looted for a P220 and a few other worthwhile items, including a Scout Handbook. There are also two dead raiders northeast of the village up on the cliffs. One more dead raider and a dead tribal can be found on the cliffs to the southeast. There are three turrets around the top of the stairs into the store room; depending on your decisions later in the mission, these will later fire upon the villagers unless you have sufficient After Burner gum to destroy them before you enter the bunker (each turret requires approximately four applications).

First battery

The first battery with some notable loot around

Now proceed down into the bunker from the staircase at the northern edge of the village. Follow the rooms on the left side to obtain the yellow pass key. Now backtrack and continue clearing rooms until you get to room with several lockers and a safe, use the keycard to enter the room and the first fusion battery will be in the blue locker. Now proceed to the right side of the bunker where there will be a power switch. Using this will activate the interior defense systems. These defense systems are automated laser turrets that will repeatedly switch between hiding under the floor and firing position. Listening carefully you can gauge when they are above or below ground and get past them without having to fight them.

Second battery

Second battery, in a locker past first encountered turrets

The next area has far more radscorpions and large radroaches, as well as a few more turrets. There are two things you need to find here. The second battery, which is near the left side in a lone blue locker on a long walkway. The second thing is a power switch, near what looks like two electrical generators and is guarded by another turret. Once the power is back on you can proceed to the third and final area. The entrance is in the top left.

Third battery

Third battery with Roachor and a Maddock's Tricks & Traps nearby

At the beginning of this area is another switch. Using this switch will cause the defense system to switch from internal to external. This gives you three options.

  • Leaving the switch on for more than 10 seconds will kill a majority of the tribals above ground but will turn off all the turrets and unlock all doors in the final area.
  • Repeatedly turn the switch on & off, ensure that it is never left on for more than 10 seconds while you advance part of your squad through the final area. While the switch is turned off, 3 doors in the final area will remain locked and five additional turrets will be active. At least one character must remain behind to operate the switch, turn it on to external, run with all other characters in the room, seek a safe spot and turn it to internal again. The tribals will be spared and the Elder will give you a fourth battery. You will also gain more Karma and a promotion, as well as new recruits.
  • Kill the three external turrets, then the switch can be safety left on. These three turrets seem to have a 100% critical hit chance, making this option extremely dangerous. The turrets will fire on their closest target, position your squad to prevent them from targeting a tribal. Position a recruit on the cliff to ensure the left-most turret does not fire down on your squad with a elevation bonus. You can turn the switch off to give your characters a break and heal up.

Once through the area with the turrets there will be a few more roaches and radscorpions to deal with before you get to the final large room. Inside is the last blue locker with the third and final battery. Also in this room is four large radroaches and Roachor, a formidable opponent, despite being a cockroach. The room is also radioactive so taking Rad-X pills before entering is recommended.

Once finished head back through the bunker. On your way back out, if you used the switch to change defenses to external, switch it back to internal. Dodging the turrets inside the bunker is much easier than getting through the turrets above ground.

Optional Objectives

  • 4th battery, to accomplish this tribal losses must be kept to a minimal. As soon as you have gathered the first three batteries speak to the tribal elder and he will give you the fourth battery. The exact number of acceptable losses is unknown, one tribal death is acceptable.
  • Save all tribals. If even one tribal has died, your commander will consider this objective a failure during the end mission briefing.


  • The external turrets have 50 microfusion cells each, while the internal ones have 650 microfusion cells each. Their weapon holds an additional 10 ammunition.
  • You can steal ammunition from turrets. The internal turrets are much harder to steal from and may require more than five attempts. However, the turrets will have unlimited ammunition during combat regardless.
  • If the Warrior returns to Peoria later, the last switch will not be functional. If it was left in "internal" state, the last underground area and the five intact turrets there will thus become permanently inaccessible. If it was switched to "external", the doors to the last area will remain open, but all the internal turrets will be permanently hidden and therefore unkillable (you can still steal from them, though).
  • In turn based mode turrets apparently do not have enough AP to emerge/hide and will be locked in state they were when combat starts.
  • If the character is positioned on the exact same square as the turret, it seems the turret will have a much harder time hitting him then even if under cover of debris few squares away. Possibly the turret accuracy is hindered if the target is close enough. Although there are few places there are two turrets with overlapping fields of fire.
  • The female tribal in south-western tent carries 165 boom bugs.
  • In ver. 1.27 after completing the mission the starting point is outside the fence and outside the green extraction area - thus access is impossible for all members of the squad, as they have to traverse the extraction area, meaning end of mission. Despite this, it's still possible to "brute force" your way through the extraction zone by quicksaving every few steps then quickloading when you get kicked out to world map.


  • v1.27, if the main character obtains batteries in his/her inventory for the first time, the fourth battery would not appear after talking with the Elder. Just give the batteries to other team members or drop them on the ground, then talk to the Elder.[verified]
  • v1.27, even if the switch to activate the external turrets is not left on for 10 seconds, the turrets will very briefly surface after 10 seconds & occasionally fire their weapon. This means the optional objective of saving all tribesman requires luck to achieve. [verified] (Not entirely luck, since placing a squad member closer to the turrets than the tribals will make it target them instead.)