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Peoria (also called Preoria) is a location in Fallout Tactics, which can be reached from Bunker Beta. The tribal village of Peoria is now only a mockery of the once big city of Peoria, Illinois, located halfway between Chicago and St. Louis.


After the Great War, only a small, primitive tribe of Whachutu was living here. They built their homes over a pre-War storehouse of fusion batteries, which they believe was a gateway between life and death. While the Whachutu tribals knew about the batteries, they did not understand their function and had no use for them. The storehouse was guarded by automated turrets and inhabited by radscorpions and giant cockroaches (considered to be "evil spirits" by the tribals).

Around 2197, a Brotherhood of Steel squad led by the Warrior was sent to retrieve the batteries. The tribal father and village elder at that time was Chevron, a strong believer in peace and equality and the shaman was a man called Dhal, who claims he was able to see the future. The warrior and his team were granted passage to the storehouse, where they found three batteries and battled all its inhabitants, including the most dangerous of them, Roachor. The team used the facility's generator and switches to move deeper inside. Depending on how they used the last switch, automated turrets on the entrance could either remain nonfunctional or became activated and shoot all the villagers. If the village survives, Chevron reveals that he was using the squad to avoid his people being "cursed" by the "spirits." (The symptoms he describes are radiation-induced genetic mutations.) He gives the Warrior a fourth battery as a peace gift, however.


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The mission in Peoria consists of obtaining 3 fusion batteries in an underground bunker.


In the game, the name of the town is often misspelled (such as on the world map) and mispronounced as "Preoria." R. Lee Ermey actually pronounces it both as "Peoria" and "Preoria" in the same paragraph during the briefing.


Peoria appears only in Fallout Tactics.

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