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Gametitle-FO3 PL
Go to the bank, and use the password "xin tian weng". The software is configured to recognise only our voices.Box 1207 - Spy's audio password

People's Bank of Point Lookout is a small pre-War bank in Pilgrim's Landing. Its only current living inhabitants are a few radroaches.


Before the Great War, the bank was a subsidiary of Isla Negra Holdings, and recently had a new voice-operated safe unlock system put in place. This did nothing, however, to prevent the bank from being robbed. There are many skeletons with blood splatter on the walls behind them, and a complete lack of cash in the vaults. Next to the door is the remains of a security guard, also with a pool of blood around it. Looking in the Homestead Motel room 1G reveals the most likely bank robbers' remains and their cash.



At the corner with a sign above the door, near the Homestead Motel.


This is one of many abandoned places in Fallout 3 to be infested with radroaches, which can be easily dealt with. On the wall to the left of the entrance is one of many wanted posters in Point Lookout for a woman named Wan Yang, a secret agent involved in The Velvet Curtain quest. There are 2 safes in the main hall, 1 hard and 1 average, on the wall behind the desk.

A debris-filled staircase leads to a second floor, even though from the outside the bank is shown to have only one floor.

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In the far bottom left box there is a "toilet gnome." It is a mini intact garden gnome holding a mini plunger in its left hand standing next to a broken mini toilet.


People's Bank of Point Lookout appears only in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • A terminal declares the bank to be a subsidiary of Isla Negra Holdings. In English, "isla negra" means "black isle," making the name a reference to Black Isle Studios, creator of the first two Fallout games.
  • A password for one of the safety deposit boxes is "Nevermore," a reference to the Edgar Allan Poe poem The Raven. Though the password is correct, the security system does not recognize the player character's voice and the correct tape to open the box is found in the loan officer's desk.


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