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The People's Liberation Army was the unified military force of the People's Republic of China, comprising both the ground units of the Chinese Army and naval forces of the Chinese Navy.[1] It was involved in numerous battles during the Resource Wars, and ultimately retaliated with nuclear force during the last days of the Great War.


Resource WarsEdit

The People's Liberation Army fought the United States in the Sino-American War, a conflict that led directly to the Great War, and by at least 2066 onward was led by Chairman Cheng. One of their most famous battles was the invasion of Anchorage, Alaska. They also defended the Chinese mainland and other captured provinces when the United States Armed Forces launched a counter-invasion in the form of the Yangtze and Gobi Campaigns.

During the Resource Wars, the Navy sent a spy submarine to Point Lookout off the coast of the Eastern United States. However, an unspecified event caused the crewmen to ditch, eventually forcing them to send two spies in order to attempt destroying the sub before the Americans could get to it. The Army also had infiltrators in Washington, D.C. and had smuggled arms and ammunition into safehouses located in the D.C. area, indicating a plot or attempt to incapacitate the military capabilities of the United States. A Chinese bunker was also located under a Mama Dolce's Food Processing, working on stealth technology, as well as improving and manufacturing Liberator robots which were dropped by air on American soil to inspire Chinese troops and spread propaganda.

Great War and post-warEdit

200 years ago, I launched all of Yangtze's high-yield nuclear missiles. As ordered. For 200 years, I have lived with that guilt. That shame. So much fire. Such bei.Captain Zao of the Yangtze-31, Fallout 4

Liberator robots could still be found in working condition, spreading propaganda posters shortly after the Great War in Appalachia. According to Dick Richardson of the Enclave, the Chinese might have been the ones to use a nuclear attack first, saying, "...and then those damn reds launched...". It is believed they launched thousands of bombers and ICBMs that swept across the United States from west-coast to east, as according to Carol when questioned about the Great War in Underworld, "...we had some warning after the west coast dropped off the map..." While the People's Liberation Army mostly targeted major strategic objectives, such as West-Tek facilities and Washington, D.C.. Despite this, nuclear-powered subs off America's East Coast received orders to fire their full payload of SLBM's, with subs complying such as the Yangtze-31 commanded by Captain Zao. After the Great War, the remaining Chinese remnants in the United States slowly withered out and died, becoming feral ghouls or barely eking out an existence in the post-apocalyptic wasteland as non-ferals. Nonetheless, Chinese infiltrators remained in the District of Columbia, taking shelter in Mama Dolce's processing factory. The Shi also survived on America's West Coast, and built a society around the salvaged remains of their submarine, referring to its central computer as "the Emperor."

Ghoulified Chinese remnants over 200 years following the Great War still inhabited Mama Dolce's food factory building in D.C. where the covert People's Republic of America operation and its radio broadcasts were still in effect, albeit with no further purpose. The American city of Pittsburgh also featured numerous smuggled Chinese weapons, with most of the Chinese infiltrators being killed just after the Great War.







Technical manualsEdit


Notable personnelEdit

  • Gen. Jingwei - commander of PLA forces during the Anchorage campaign.
  • Capt. Zao - captain of the Yangtze nuclear submarine.
  • Chinese remnant captain - leader of Chinese remnant forces at Mama Dolce's Arlington.
  • Unnamed Chinese submariner - crew member of the SSN-37-1A, detained at Turtledove Detention Camp after a failed suicide attempt.
  • Huang - Chinese infiltrator sent to Mama Dolce's Arlington before the Great War.
  • Chief scientist Quao - former head of research and development at Mama Dolce's Morgantown.


The People's Liberation Army is mentioned in all Fallout games, but only appear in Fallout 3, Fallout 4, Fallout 76 and Operation: Anchorage.

Behind the scenesEdit


  1. Captain Zao mentions how he was part of the 'Chinese Navy,' with both words properly capitalized.
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