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Everyone that passes the test is welcome to visit. But we are particular on who can live here.— Penny Fitzgerald regarding Covenant

Penny is a merchant who can be found in the town of Covenant in 2287.


Penny is the general merchant at Covenant and owns the settlement's trading post. Her shop is visited by most of the visiting merchants.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character is a merchant. Sells: ammo, junk, aid, apparel, weapons


  • Human Error: Like the other residents, Penny will play dumb during the investigation, and may become angered if the Sole Survivor persists. However, with high enough Charisma, she can be convinced to reveal the location of the Compound.
    • If one does uncover the town's secret, she and the other residents of Covenant will become hostile upon return, unless the player character chose to side with the town and passed the Charisma options. Once hostile, her unique items will no longer be available for purchase.

Other interactions

If she becomes an allied settler, Penny can be traded with outside of her merchant hours (including her lunch hour which she spends in the office). She can not be assigned to any other settler tasks.



  • Penny is the only trader to sell the destroyer's helmet, part of the unique set destroyer's armor. She also sells Justice, a unique combat shotgun.
  • Penny is scripted to be at her store when the player character first enters Covenant no matter the time of day. Penny will only engage in dialogue and trade between 8 AM and 6 PM. If Penny will not trade, instead saying "Enjoy your stay!" wait until 8 AM and only speak to her when she is in her shop.
  • Penny frequently can be found playing on the office terminal even during store hours, being unavailable for trading.


Penny appears only in Fallout 4.