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This is a transcript for dialogue with Pennington.


# Scene Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 003B03E9 The Overseer said she'd set up her C.A.M.P. down the road. To the South. Determined, but nervous
2 004F7804 You should head to that C.A.M.P.! Find the Overseer!
3 004F7805 The Overseer's C.A.M.P. is where you need to go! Umm... have fun rebuilding America!
4 004F7806 Appalachia used to be so lovely before, you know. All of THIS.
5 0053041E Do be careful. My sensors indicate... some 'other' lifeforms nearby.
6 0053041F The Overseer... She'll know what to do...
7 00530420 When you find her, say hello to the Overseer for me...
8 003B0EA3 Oh, madam! Flustered, nervous
9 003B4111 Oh, sir! Flustered, nervous
10 003B4112 Oh, madam! Flustered, nervous
11 003C180C Oh, sir! Flustered, nervous
12 RS01_Contact_Pennington_
004EA1F1 That was so many hours ago. I haven't seen her since. You'll find her... won't you? Fearful, anxious
13 00530421 I found this holotape on the Overseer's terminal. Gave a little listen. Seems you should meet her at her C.A.M.P., just down the road. Fearful, anxious
14 00530422 The Overseer. She wanted me to remind you to head to her C.A.M.P. It should be just down the road. Fearful, anxious


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00585215 005852BD Still outwitting the outside world, I see. Was there something you required?
2 005852BE Oh, I do hope you've been cautious out there. Now, how may I help you?
3 005852BF None of these newcomers followed you did they? Good. Better to speak between friends.
4 00585216 005852DF Do be careful out there, sir.
5 005852E0 Do be careful out there, ma'am.
6 00585218 005852B6 Well, yes, but it's been some time. But she was a resourceful woman. I'm sure she's all right.
7 005852B7 Oh. I have. Here. Her holotape. It'd been so long, I'd completely forgotten I had it. If you see her, do give her my best.
8 0058521A 00585278 Until quite recently, it's been exceedingly peaceful.
9 I maintained my post, greeted late-comers out of the Vault, and otherwise reveled in Appalachia's natural splendor.
10 But very recently, it seems people have come back to Appalachia. Those two and more to boot. The non-Vault sort, you understand. Lean into "the non-Vault sort"
11 It's all very concerning. Who knows what they might be up to?
12 0058521C 005852A9 Only that they appear to have some vested interest in accessing the vault.
13 One seemed quite perturbed when I told them that wouldn't be happening, but I'm not sure if she believed me.
14 00585232 0058526F They haven't yet made any untoward advances, but perhaps you could speak to them? Verify their intentions are civil? Gripping your pearls. You're shocked to see people back.
15 00585233 0058529C Those young ladies down there... they seem exceedingly... alive. Gripping your pearls. You're shocked to see people back. Very cautious about these women.
16 00585234 005852D5 Hmm. I suppose your conversation with those two seemed on the up and up. Though I'd still be cautious of the rest out there. Now, was there something you required of me? Moderately cautious. You're talking to someone who just spoke to a pair of strangers you're very skeptical of.
17 005852DA Oh, sir!
18 005852DB Oh, ma'am!
19 005904A6 005904AE I've been keeping watch here long enough to have learned that, outside the vault, people don't always have one's best intentions at heart. Conspiratorially discussing the surprising fact you've discovered - people can't be trusted.
20 I'm sorry to say it, but it's the truth.