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I've been keeping watch here long enough to have learned that, outside the vault, people don't always have one's best intentions at heart.

Pennington is a Mister Handy operating in Appalachia.


Pennington is one of the many Mister Handys that serve Vault 76. It was instructed by the Vault 76 overseer to stay at the entrance of the vault and direct all Vault Dwellers to head to her camp. It will also give the player character the overseer's log - Vault 76 holotape if it was not taken from the overseer's terminal inside the vault.

When Lacey Drummond and Isela Mejia arrive at the vault's entrance in 2103, Pennington seems to be wary of them and other "non-vault sort." It asks the player character to verify that their intentions are civil.

Interactions with the player character

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Pennington appears only in Fallout 76.