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Pennsylvania Avenue/The Mall Metro station is a fallen-in metro station; the tunnels below are completely blocked. It serves as a link between Pennsylvania Avenue and The Mall.



A standard metro entrance. To the right of the door and stairs upon entering from Pennsylvania Avenue, there is a metal crate that contains railway spikes and a metro ticket.


The interior consists of a single Metro station, with exits to the Mall and Pennsylvania Avenue. The tunnels leaving the station have all collapsed, leaving only the platform and lower level access. There appear to be the remains of a small human outpost that was overrun by either the feral ghouls or raiders, as the bodies of two wastelanders and a raider can be found nearby. A few feral ghouls scaled to the player character's level occupy the Metro tunnels. Other than loot from the corpses of any hostiles and the two wastelanders, two ammunition boxes can be found on the mezzanine, one has a Very Easy lock.


The Penn. Ave/The Mall Metro appears only in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes

The station's exit to the Mall is located almost on the same place as real world's Archives station - near National Archives Building (National Archives in-game).